Gather and synthesize information from a great number of sources

The quantity of information currently being generated these days is not just data being gathered for analysis. We’re also reminded how important it is for people to be able to gather and synthesize information from a great number of sources.   This lesson presents an opportunity to practice that skill.
1. (at least 4 full pages) There are a few terms used in many articles relating to “Big Data” and because they are commonly used in the business press, the authors make the assumption that the reader has a working knowledge of them. 

Balanced Score Card
Cloud Computing
Value Chain

For each of the terms, find three sources on the internet. Synthesize the knowledge from each site to provide your own explanation in your own words. Please don’t use sites that provide only simple definitions or cut and paste from your references. Be sure to include your references in your submission.
Explain how these terms relate to the use of big data in a CRM system.

Reference at least two of your reading assignments in your response to each topic.


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