Gear Design Software

White Paper on E-Yantra Gear Overview: E-Yantra Gear E-Yantra Gear is a software for the design and optimization of gears. E-Yantra Gear gives engineers an opportunity to have several design alternatives and select the optimum design in a very short time, thereby reducing the time taken by the design phase in the product life-cycle. In E-Yantra Gear, the fatigue-based design is done so gears can be designed for finite or infinite life. E-Yantra Gear includes design (as per IS / AGMA / DIN standard) and analysis of the following gear types. Spur Gear? Helical Gear? Bevel Gear?

Worm Gear Specifications: E-Yantra Gear E-Yantra Gear module has a very user-friendly interface with which gear can be designed starting from minimum data like power, the gear ratio, and input speed. Initially, an optimum module is calculated on the basis of which the gear is checked for acceptability. In addition, E-Yantra Gear includes other modules as given below. Gear Correction (as per IS/DIN/BIS standard). Gear Measurement (MOT/Base Tangent/Chordal Measurement). Magnification/Reduction Gear Box Design for Spur & Helical Gear (as per IS/DIN/BIS standard). Epicyclic gearbox (Simple & Compound). Tolerances E-Yantra Gear module can develop two-dimensional sketches in the form of IGES and DXF formats which can be transferred to any standard modeling software such as AutoCAD or any analysis software.

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