General Adaptation Syndrome

The steps of the general adaptation syndrome that I would experience are alarm reaction, which is the body’s initial response to any stressors. This reaction mobilizes or arouses the body in preparation to defend itself against a stressor. This reaction involves a number of body changes, which are initiated by the brain and further regulated by the endocrine system and the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. The next stage of the general adaptation syndrome I would experience is the resistance stage.
This stage occurs if the stressor, which initiated the alarm reaction, is not dealt with. The body is attempting to restore the lost energy and repair the bodily damage. The final stage of the general adaptation syndrome that I would experience is the exhaustion stage. If stressors are still not dealt with, the body becomes exhausted, muscles become fatigued, and the body is then depleted of the resources required for combating stress. The emotional effects will make each day intolerable and filled with dread.
I could experience anger towards my co-workers, as I filled overwhelmed. Experience depression, as an overwhelming feeling of failure, and prolonged stress of my job. The cognitive effects of stress will inhibit my thinking patterns, my ability to focus, and impair my memory and problem solving ability. The effects of the continuing stress on my health could potentially be deadly. Stress will weaken my immune system. The continued stress will increase my heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

I will suffer from headaches, an increased risk of blood clotting, allergies, hives, or heart disease. To effectively deal with the stress of this new position, some techniques I would use would be writing down the different sources throughout my day. Relaxation training and biofeedback training, evaluate what changes in attitude and behavior will need to be made in order to get the most out of my life. I will seek support from family and friends, to determine if the new position is a benefit to me, or if it is potentially to much stress, for me to commit to taking on.

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