Green Machine

Currently, we are working on a project called green machine. It is every day we through the trash in the dumpster. Here our aim is we need to make a machine that separates the trash into partitions like(plastic, cans, food, and glasses, etc.). This process has to be complete before the dump truck arrives.

What is the PRODUCT you wish to introduce? Green Machine – “Don’t write this one”

What are the PRICES you want to charge and/or the including a discussion of what the profit looks like you intend to make – “Don’t write this one”

What PROMOTIONS do you intend to use to get your marketing message across to your target market? –  “Don’t write this one”

What PLACE/DISTRIBUTION methods do you intend to use to get your product to the masses?

Who is the target market? Why? – “Don’t write this one”

What specific methods of distribution do you want to use? Do you want to have a storefront? Online presence? Both? Direct Sales? – “This is your assignment to write”

Depending on the International City/Country you plan to target, why did you pick that area for that particular product? Why that target market? – “Don’t write this one”

Where do you plan to be headquartered? – “This is your assignment to write”  

Note Select International Country:       INDIA

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