group interaction 4.1 responses

Create a conversation with your group members. If one of your group mates has a question or concern, be sure to address it. You will be graded on your interaction with each other. Try to have a conversation about the course material.

1. (group mate post)
Hello everyone,
Hopefully everyone is doing good. I always have interest in paintings, sculptures, architectural figures and different books. It makes me amazed that how people come up with different ideas and theories. It is well-known to everyone that invention happens without any notice by anyone. This unit has been my favorite unit. First, I have got chance to learn visually as I am a visual learner. Since childhood, learning any topic by figures, characters and paintings has been my favorite part of the complete process. Second, learning a new thing always gives me excitement. In this unit, I got chance to work with out of the box topic. The images of this unit were meaningful. Picture is an evidence of true fact. Every picture talks. We need vision, heart and feelings to understand them. In this unit, the best ways to analyze a photo were considering the audience and purpose. I assumed myself as the audience and tried to figure out the purpose. It helped me to see the meaning of a photograph by the owner’s eyes. Finally, this unit is very interesting and informative. I have really enjoyed working on it.   

2.( group mate post)
This unit was interesting. I almost went to school for photography; I loved taking pictures of everything. After learning visual analysis and how to look at a photos and see another meaning, behind the layers. Such as: Framing, lighting, subtext, texture, focus, composition, content, context, angle/vantage point, and intertextuality. It opened my mind to a much bigger meaning.
I also learned this new word; Blueprinting. Blueprinting is, announcing to the audience what you’re going to do next. Ever sense I learned that word, I have noticed my self ending up “blueprinting” myself.  I have ended up second guessing anything I have written. This recent assignment on completing an analysis on a photo has my mind boggled. I ended up choosing a photo that had no background behind it, at all. I have a story in mind, but can not figure out how to put it on paper.
The technique I am starting to learn to use more often is, annotation. Anything I read I have started making side notes, or comments, to put together into one essay. I have not been so successful lately. Learning something new takes time for me, so I believe I have moved backwards instead of forwards.
I would like to better myself on witting successful essays with little errors. I mostly think my ideas run crazy I can not figure out how to settle them down into explanations that make sense.
I could ask my fellow group members: How do you calculate your ideas into a three to four summarized essay or visual analysis? I comprehend what each meaning defines as, I just need to figure put how to make them into a plausible assignment. Does anyone have any thoughts?

In this unit I learned about very many aspects such as visual analysis, peer review and speech writing among others. 
I learned about the various aspects listed in the paragraph above through reading course materials, conducting relative exercises that are aimed at evaluating my skills and expounding on what has been taught in class through group discussions. In this Unit, I found visual analysis technique and peer review to be more helpful. This is because visual analysis is applicable in various spheres of our daily lives in both formal and informal setups. Formal setups entails skimming of official documents such as advertisements and notices while informal setups are in the form of newspapers, magazines and while visiting art exhibitions and museums among others. There are techniques that have significantly changed from the other topic while others have remained the same. Peer review for instance has remained the same from the other units while visual analysis is a new technique that was non-existent from the last topic.
In relation to the topics covered, I would like to learn more about visual analysis. This is because visual analysis is a greater part of literature hence requires literature skills for it to be effective and efficient. I would also like to learn more about speech writing since formal speeches are part of our daily work. 
I have two questions and one concern in relation to the course and more specifically this topic. In the first question, I want to know the various course books that I can use to further my skills on the various aspects learned in this unit. I would also like to know the various aspects that should be focused on in improving my speech writing skills. My primary concern about this topic is about more practice in the aspects learned as a way of facilitating career growth and development. 

Unit 4 Group Interaction
1. What did you learn in this unit?
I learnt five key points regarding analysis of visual texts in this unit. These are: writing in a style that is proper to the audience and purpose, knowledge of collaborative and individual writing processes, and developing ideas with apt attribution and support. Other important lessons include using edited American English in academic writings as well as reading, reflecting, and responding to various texts. An important point that I noted about visual elements is that to some extent, developing visual literacy is akin to developing computer and verbal knowledge. In both cases, the basics come first, then the more advanced skills that aid in the analysis and explanation of the impression of the visuals to the viewers. 
2. How did you learn it? What techniques or strategies did you find most helpful? Have those techniques changed from previous units?
In order to study and understand the various concepts in this unit, I used various study methods. First, I wrote down all the important points to be covered in the course of the unit and prepared a timetable. Next, I studied the topics one by one while making short notes. While reading, I realized that I had little understanding in some areas, thus I dedicated more time to these. On completion of the unit material, I put down the main points and tried to memorize them. I also discussed with my classmates in a brainstorming environment. 
3. What else would you like to learn related to the topics covered in this unit?
There are many things that I would like to know in relation to the topics covered in this unit. While analyzing a visual text, is there a given benchmark that should be used by the analyzer? In other words, do creators of visual texts have a given fixed interpretation of their works that must be followed? Or can we analyze visual text the way we feel like?   
4. Do you have any questions or concerns about anything related to the course?
No I don’t have any concerns related to this course.
please make comments on my group mates posts and answer their questions.
100 words each.

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