guidelines (Homework/reading Log Points)

You will be able to gain extra credit points towards your reading logs and quizzes grade by attending an event at a local museum, library or college/university and writing a one-page paper where you discuss your experience. The paper should be in 12-point font and can be either single- or double-spaced.
Extra credit papers need to be turned in via Canvas no later than 24hrs after the event. I will not accept them after that under any circumstances.
Your paper should: a) explain what the event was and when it occurred, b) discuss what occurred during the event, c) state what your impressions were about the event, and d) discuss connections to our class.
Extra credit papers will receive up to 10-points (use professional writing and ensure that you address the above points) and that will be added to your reading logs and/or quizzes grade up to the maximum points available for that work. You can turn in a maximum of 3 extra credit papers.
Visit websites for local institutions like MOHAI, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Colleges, University of Washington, KUOW, or local events calendars to find events. Just remember that you will need to write on the event’s connection to our class when choosing what to attend.

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