Hashimoto’s disease

HEALTH ISSUE RESEARCH PAPERHealthcare is a continually evolving science that involves not only expanding the body of research, but also the ability to apply the knowledge to settings that can assist in professional and personal roles where health knowledge is applicable. The health professional is expected to have the ability to provide an environment of confidence in the application of acquired knowledge and skills in order to educate the public, advance medical knowledge and personal health maintenance. Select a disease/health-related topic for examination, research, and analysis. Explore current issues, challenges and interventions related to the topic including relevance to public health and cultural implications.Part 1: Selection of Topic Instructions1. Choose a topic of your choice of a disease/health-related issue from the Health Issue Research Paper: Topic Selection List (link available on Overview Page) for your paper. (Hashimoto’s disease)2. Submit a description of your topic and reasons for this topic selection.RequirementsIdentification and selection of a disease/health-related issue from a listScopeCitation requirements: Minimum of 4 cited references, 2 authoritative and 2 peer reviewed sourcesWord Count: 50-150APA formatting

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Hashimoto’s disease
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