Having My Ear Surgery

One of the times that I was most proud of was the time that I had my ear surgery done on December 19. I wanted ear surgery so I can hear better and because of the hole in my ear. Before surgery I was scared and worried that it will hurt so bad and painful. Right before surgery, they numbed my vein with liquid and put an intravenous needle in the numbed skin vein and they put me in the operating room.
During surgery, I didn’t feel anything and the doctor started the surgery by making an incision on the ear and he put a patch on it. Next, he put more patches on the part close to my eardrum and then he found an old ear tube close to my eardrum and he removed it. After the surgery I went to the recovery room and stayed there for more than an hour and during that time I had some stuff to eat and then after that we went home. One day someone put hot sauce in a soda bottle and put it in the fridge.
I came to take it out and then I started to take the bottle out. Then I started to drink from it and my tongue started to burn and I needed help from mom and I had to drink water to make the burning sensation to go away. The burning sensation went away then I had more hot sauce then the burning sensation came back. The smell was very odoriferous and spicy. The lesson that I learned was before eating or drinking anything you are supposed to check the contents of the container.

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