Health Information Exchange

Answer the following questions. Type the answers in a Word document using proper spelling and grammar. Support any opinions. Cite any sources. Submit the answers to this questions to the assignments link in Sakai.1.Understanding what the Health Information Exchange is, explain how the repositories and registries of the Health Data Systems provide safer, timelier, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care?2. Why do you think the Remote Data button is not activated in this educational EHR?3. As a student, you have access to outside resources such as the Drug Information Portal, Health Information and Lab Tests Online in the Tools menu of EHRGo These resources could assist you in teaching a patient about giving themselves injections, looking up a medication the patient is taking, or understanding the implication of a high lab value. Can you think of other ways having these resources, and others like them, available to any healthcare professional would be an advantage or an improvement on patient care?4. In EHRGo explore Vivian Armand’s chart. Imagine you were her and you had received copies of your entire medical record. You are now looking at the information in there: the problems, the medications, the notes, the lab results… Would you like being able to see all of your health record? For example, being able to see what healthcare professionals wrote in notes about you or your health. Why or why not? Explain if there would be advantages or disadvantages.5. Now put yourself in the place of the physician or nurse caring for Vivian Armand. Would it be more understandable to only allow Vivian to view certain parts of the chart, for example her current medication list and current lab or test results? Why or why not? Explain if there would be advantages or disadvantages.6. If this care was provided at one hospital and the patient visited the ER at another hospital, what would be the impact of not having access to the record while the patient is in the ER?

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Health Information Exchange
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