HIS 497 Week 5 Discussion

Prepare: To successfully complete this discussion:

Read the following from the text, Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write, and Think About History:

Conclusion: The Love of History
Appendix G: More Reading About Writing

Examine the following career development resources:

Jobs & Professional Development (Links to an external site.)
Career Exploration Resources (Links to an external site.)
Future Educator Resources (Links to an external site.)
Real Jobs for Real Majors: What Can I do With a Major in…?  (Links to an external site.)
What Can I Do With This Major? (Links to an external site.)

Review these resources on graduate school:

History Graduate Programs (Links to an external site.)
Overview: Process and Materials (Links to an external site.) 

Reflect: As you near the end of this course, you are also nearing the end of your undergraduate degree program. Considering what you have accomplished over the past five weeks and during your education experience as a whole, think about what you have learned about researching and writing in history and how you will use these skills and continue to build upon them after graduation.
Write: In an initial post of at least 250-300 words, present a synopsis of your key findings, conclusions, and opinions that you developed in your Final Capstone Research Project.
What are the most important concepts you learned from this course? What techniques were the most valuable for you and why? What areas of your research and writing do you think have improved the most? What areas will you focus on to continue to improve your research and/or writing skills?
Finally, explain how you envision applying the skills you have developed in this program as you transition to life after graduation, be it graduate school, your professional career, or other areas of your life.

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