History 21

Based on the evidence available to you from the course readings, lectures, and videos, discuss the evolution and political usages of fear and inequity in the United States from the 1950s to 2017. In doing so, students will pay close attention to the ways in which questions of the national economy, security, and development impacted the lives of marginalized and privileged populations in the United States. What were some of the specific methods used by citizens, activists, public officials, academics/pundits, and government entities to attempt to control political discourse during this period? What were some of the key arguments used to enact and mobilize certain controversial laws and economic policies? Make sure you point out both changes and continuities over time and place. Finally, is it possible to determine the point at which the conditions for citizens improved in the U.S.? What, if any are the lasting legacies of this history today? 
Students will be asked to employ evidence from chapters 23 – 28 from Foner’s book and at least two of the films screened in lecture as sources for the final paper. The same Chicago Style citation format will be expected for the final paper. This assignment will be 2000 – 2400 words. 
Foner, Eric. Give me Liberty!: An American History Vol. 2 (4th or 5th ed.)

Two films: 
Race Power of an Illusion: The House We Live In 
A Requiem for an American Dream

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History 21
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