History Assignment

*300 words is required for this assignment
After watching the documentaries and newsreels below, answer the following:
1.) What do you think were the most difficult problems facing the United States and the FDR Administration in the 1930s?
2.) How did the people and their government address these challenges?
3.) Name four of the most transformative uses of federal government power (New Deal programs) during the 1930s. How did these reflect the power of the General Welfare clause?
Your responses also should reflect something of what you have learned from your textbook and lectures about the nation and world in this period. Do not look at anyone else’s responses until you have posted your answer–300 word minimum, due midnight, April 8th

Located at Ellis Library web site, Library Databases, “Alexander Street (Academic Video Online)” database–use titles and dates to find these newsreels and documentaries:
Universal Newsreels, Release 262, June 27, 1934 from Universal Newsreel
Universal Newsreels, Release 313, December 24, 1934 from Universal Newsreel
The Great Depression, in America in the 20th Century 6 (Media Rich Learning), 27:18 mins
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit, in Biography (A&E Television Networks), 46:29 mins
or any trusted history web site

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History Assignment
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