History paper – 1200 words (10 hours)

I want you to write a paper on the propaganda posters that all the major combatants produced in the First World War.  The advertising industry, public relations business, and the shaping of public opinion received an enormous boost as a result of the war – so much so that every historian writing about postwar Western society in the 1920s feels the need to comment upon it. 
Propaganda in WW1 wiki:

All the posters you need to write this paper – from Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States – are available at 

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History paper – 1200 words (10 hours)
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So, how do these posters shape public opinion?
 How were the needs of “total war” reflected in the posters?
 What view of warfare do they project?
 How do they appeal to/shape public opinion?
 How are issues of gender, masculinity, tradition, race, class, and nationalism  expressed, or are they?

please provide the posters u have used
1200 words, double space, simple english
please finish it in 10 hours

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