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1.  Explain how the fundamentals concepts and principals of Risk Management apply at home, at work, in the community, and at critical infrastructure locations.
2.  Describe how risk management alternatives are developed and evaluated in order to support better decisions on managing risk.
3.  Explain how and why the management of risk is one of the fundamental strategies adopted by DHS in meeting mission performance.

NIPP, pp. 71-95. Retrieved from http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/NIPP_Plan.pdf
Help and examples in using the Carver Spreadsheet: http://www.brighthubpm.com/project-planning/122417-carver-matrix-a-versatile-project-management-tool/
FEMA:  Online 2-hour Fundamentals of Risk Management Course  http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/courseOverview.aspx?code=is-454
Epstein, J. (2008). Why Model. Retrieved from http://www.santafe.edu/media/workingpapers/08-09-040.pdf
Video: Risk Analysis: Critical Node Risk Reduction. https://www.chds.us/coursefiles/cip/lectures/riskanalysis/cip_riskanalysis_criticalnodereduction/player.html
Video: Strategic Risk Analysis, Approaches and Methods: http://www.chds.us/?player&id=1784

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hls6 Yhtomit
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