holistic nursing

Because nursing practice must always have a foundation, building practice on theory helps guide effective decision making and results in what is considered “best practice.”
Select one holistic nursing theory from the readings provided. Develop no more than 10 PowerPoint slides on the theory selected. Slides must cover the following:

Title Slide: Name of Theorist, Theory, and Year the Theory was First Published

Short description of the Theorist’s background

Key components of the Theory

How this Theory impacts clients and client care

Why this Theory is considered holistic

Final Slide: References used in APA Editorial Format

Please make your initial post by midweek. After the initial post of all presentations, post your answers to the following discussion questions.

What are the similarities among the theories?

What are the differences?

Why might one Theory be used over another?

Which one would you select for your holistic nursing practice? Provide at least two reasons.

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