House Fellowship Topic: The Need to Go Back to the Bible

Text: JUDGES 27:6, 21:35: JUDE 3-4, 17-23
The challenge to everyone that desires to please God are to go back to the bible. In these last days, such an individual must embrace and appreciate biblical standards and against all odds seek to live for God. Gal. 2:20

What Are the Guiding Principles We Need to Observe If We Must Go Back to the Bible?

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House Fellowship Topic: The Need to Go Back to the Bible
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We must have willing hearts. Jere. 29:13
We must be sincere and acknowledge that the church situation today is not the best. Isa. 8:1-3; 2 cor. 11:28
There should be deadness to self. Matt 16:24; Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23
We must allow the Holy Spirit to be enthroned in our own hearts. Acts 1:8: Jn. 16:13
There must be a desire to pray. Acts 2:1-2; James 5:16; Mark 1:35
We must be ready to contend for the faith (our belief). 2 Tim. 2: 15; Col. 4:17: Titus 3:8; 1 Tim. 6:12
We must be ready to seek God. Isa. 55:6; Amos 5:4-14


We should ask for the old paths and walk in them (Jere. 6:16)
Like Daniel, we should purpose in our hearts to follow God’s standards (Dan. :18)
Like Nehemiah, we must resolve to build the broken walls in our lives. Like peter and the apostle of old, we must resolve to obey God rather than men. (Acts 4:19)

Topic: The Need to Go Back to the Bible (Part Three) (In the Demonstration of Love)
Text: MATT. 22:34-39; 10:37-39: JOHN 13:34-35; 1COR. 13: 1-13
Love as someone once said is wishing your neighbor the highest good. This is what the Bible describes as agape, the ‘God kind of love. This love is selfless, always wishing good to others not minding tribe, age, or position.  (James 2: 1-4)
What Are Some of the Ways We Can Show Our Love for God?

We must love God with all our heart. Matt. 22:33; Philemon 5
We must be obedient to his commandments. John 14: 15; Acts 4:19
We must be ready to spend our time and resources (Money, Houses, and Cars, etc.) for Him. Mark 11: 1-6; 14: 12-16; ,Matt. 10-37

What Are Some of the Ways We Can Show or Express Our Love to Men?

You must be ready to love your neighbor as yourself
Believers must love themselves We should be ready to identify with their physical needs (school fees, clearing of debts, food, clothing, etc). Matt. 25: 31; James 2: 14-17; Acts 2:44; 2 Cor. 5: 8-9
We should be willing to show mercy towards our neighbors. Pray for them. 1 John 4:7: Philemon 4-6; 2 Tim. 4:5; Col. 4:17; Titus 3:8; 1 Tim. 6:12 Tim. 1:3
Visitation and word of encouragement could be used. 1 Tim. 1:4

How Can We Make Love Our Lifestyle?

Be always conscious that God‘s love is already deposited in you. Rom. 5:5
We must allow the love to blossom by depending on the Holy Spirit.
We must always have a heart of forgiveness. John 4:7

Effective love is one acted out. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we demonstrate love in our relationship with people. John 3:16; 1Cor. 13:13
Topic: The Need to Go Back to the Bible (Part 4) (In the Hope of Our Calling)
Text: JOHN 14:1-3; 1COR. 15:19; EPH. 1: 18: 4:4
The way many believers live and carry on in the present world does not reflect hope in or an expectation of another kingdom. Many are living so carelessly, forgotten that Jesus will one day call for a harvest of His people. These. 4:16-18
What does the Guarantee That Lord Will Come Again?

God’s Himself spoke about the second coming of His son. Jude 14:15
The Holy Spirit spoke through angels and prophets about the hope of his coming. Acts 1:11
Jesus himself spoke about his coming. Matt. 25:31-34,24:30
There are several signs relating to his coming again which have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled. 2Tim 3:1-3; Matt. 24: 12; Luke 18:8

How Should the Believers Prepare for His Coming?

Believers should always be conscious of his coming by living a holy and dedicated life. Heb. 12:14; 1Tim. :11-12
Believers should avoid compromise. Rom. 12:2
Believers should always involve themselves in the work of the kingdom- evangelism. Matt. 6:20
We should not be weary in well-doing. Gal. 6:9: Phil. 2: 4-5

How Can We Keep the Hope of His Calling Alive?

We should always bear in mind that we are strangers/pilgrims on the earth. Heb. 11:8-10
We should always remember the word/promise of our Lord Jesus concerning his coming. John 14:1-3
We should always have a focus on the rewards awaiting us his coming. 1 Cor. 2:9

It is often said that heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.
The believer must deliberately choose the path of holy living bearing in mind that he is a stranger on earth. Titus 2: 11-12
Topic: The Character Study of Joseph
Text: GEN. 37:25-36, 39:1-23
Joseph was a handsome young man whose character stands out distinctly as one of the purest in all history. He was obedient to parents, God and would not allow the daily temptation from Potiphar’s wife weaken his high morality and his faith in God
Why Did Joseph Refuse Potiphar’s Wife Invitation to Lie With Her? Gen. 9:7

Joseph resolved to uphold his virtue and chastity. Gen. 39:7-8
He saw it as a sin against God and not his master. Gen. 39:9
Joseph considered who he was, his relationship with God. Gal. 2:20, 1 peter 2:9, Eph. 5:17
He was watchful so as to foresee danger and escape it. 1 peter 5:8

Lessons to Be Learnt From Joseph’s Experience in Potiphar’s House

A child of God should Endeavour to maintain moral purity in the face of severe temptation. 1Cor. 9:26-27, 10:21
Flee from sin and all appearance of evil. 1Cor. 6:18
We must fear God and determine not to sin against Him in any way. John 2
Joseph’s experience shows that God’s blessing goes with his people anywhere they go. Gen. 39:2
The presence of a believer in any establishment should make a difference. Gen. 39: 3
Learn to handover difficult situations to God. Rom. 12:19

It is by the grace of God that we are still strong in faith. This grace must be jealously guarded, to be able to run the race to the end. The God that enables Joseph to run away from the enticement to sin is still alive and ever gracious towards us. There is, however, a need not to be careless with our Christian faith. 1Cor. 15:52, 1John 3:8
Topic: The Character Study of Joseph-Joseph in Prison
Text: GEN. 39:21-23, 40:6-8
Potiphar’s wife had tried in vain to turn Joseph ungodly through laying with her go him portrayed as an immoral man before her husband. Her husband believed it and Joseph was jailed
How Did Joseph React When He Suffered for an Offence He Never Committed?

He did not complain or grumble against God. Isa. 53:7
Joseph continued to live a life of faithfulness and dedication to God
He left vengeance unto the Lord. Rom. 12:19
Like Paul and Silas, he did not allow his heart to be troubled or doubted God because of fear. Acts 16:21
He did not allow the problem to take him away from his vision and God. 1 Peter 4:16

Why Did the Keeper of the Prison Put All the Prisoners in Joseph’s Custody?

God’s favor was with Joseph in prison. Gen. 39:22
He saw Joseph as someone who could be trusted with responsibilities. Gen. 39:22-23
God was in the business; therefore everything went on smoothly in Joseph’s hands. Rom. 8:28

In his plight, Joseph continued to live a life of faithfulness and dedication to God. On his part, God granted Joseph favor and turned the imprisonment to be another blessing for him. Peter 5: 10
Topic: The Character Study of Joseph –Joseph in Authority
Text: GEN. 41: 1-57
God did not remove Joseph from the darkness and the filth of the dungeon. Instead, He was with him right there and blessed all that he did and thus, he continued to a position of trust and responsibility even in prison from where he was enthrone into the throne o honor.
How Did God Fulfil His Promise in Joseph’s Life?

God decided to give the pharaoh a dream that cannot be interpreted by any man. Gen. 41:8
God caused Joseph to be remembered by the butler after two years. Gen. 1: 9,12& 13
God gave Joseph the interpretation and the solution of the dream paved way for Joseph enthronement. Gen. 41: 42-44 It should be noted that God did not use anything outside Joseph, but what is already in him (the gift of dreams and its interpretation) to bring him to the throne of honor. Prov. 18:16

How Did Joseph React to His Brethren?

He left vengeance in the hand of God. Rom. 12:19-21
Joseph saw his plight as a divine purpose for him and his brethren. Gen. 45:5
His hash reaction was intended to bring them to repentance
He fed his brothers freely despite their hatred. Gen. 43:23a
Joseph forgave his brethren though it was hard for them to accept. ( this portrays one of the great scenes of reconciliation in the history of our faith). Gen. 45:7-8

What Was Joseph Benefit for Waiting on the Lord?

Joseph was lifted above all his bosses and brethren. Gen. 41-44
The purpose of God was fulfilled in his life. Gen. 45:7-8

There is a time set for the deliverance of God’s people. That time will come though it may seem delayed, when it comes, it will definitely be the best time. Heb. 2:3-4, Psalm 105: 17-21
Topic: Handing Crises in the Home (Part One)
Text : Eph 5:21-23, Col 3: 12-25
The relationship among family members in many homes today is fast gliding to a state of collapse, the warmth, security, and intimacy that home use to prepare is no longer there. Everyone seems to be doing his/her own things with little or no regard for how others in the family feel.
What Is the Nature of Relationship in an Ideal Home?
An ideal home should reflect in the following:

Love Rom 13: 8
Tolerance Rom 15: 1-3
Forgiveness Matt 18: 12-22
Inspire the growth of the family Amos 3: 3, 1 peter 5:6
Children born into the family are expected to be integrated into the existing God-given culture in a home. Num 25:12-13

A peaceful and united home is destiny for greatness. Make your home a godly one. 1 Peter 3:7-9
Topic: Handling Crises in the Home (Part II)
Text : EPH 5:21-23, COL. 3:12-25
The cause of crises in the home varies from one home to the other they all however have common denominations: they create a situation of unease whenever they rear their ugly heads.
In part one of this study, we discussed the meaning of crises in the home. In this study, we shall be highlighting the common causes of crises in the home.
What Are Some of the Common Causes of Crises in the Home?
The common causes of Crises in the home include:

Inability to leave and cleave Gen. 2:23-24
Usurping of the man’s authority 1 peter. 3:1
Attitudes towards in-laws’ Gen. 27:46, 28:8-9
Childlessness 1 sam. 1:6
Child discipline prov. 22:6
Family upkeep 1 Tim. 5:8
Denial of “bedroom favor” 1 Cor. 7:3-5
Extra-marital affairs 2 Sam 11: 1-3

A home without Christ must be in crisis.
Therefore let Christ rules your home today and peace will overshadow your family. Matt. 11:27-28
Topic: Handing Crises in the Home (part3)
Text : EPH 5: 21- 23 COL 3:12-25
When crises are allowed to terry long in a home the effect is always disastrous and more difficult to handle. As Christian, we are warned never To allow crises to tarry beyond a day In part one and two we discussed the meaning of crises home and the nature of the ideal home and common causes of crises in a home.
In this study, we shall be discussing the effect of crises in a home
What Are Some of the Effects of Crises in a Home

Communication blackout 1peter 2:1
Loss of fellowship Isaiah 59:2 James 4:7
The weakening of personal and family alter 4. Bitterness –Eph 4:31-32

Avoid crises in your home. When it comes do not allow it to settle down before you solve it in agreement with each other aid with God 1cor. 5:7
Topic: Looking Unto Jesus
Text : HEBREWS 12: 1-3, 1 CORINTHIANS 1:23-25, EPHESIANS 1:9-23
Look unto Jesus for leadership and direction, we stumble when we look away from Him and look at ourselves, someone else, or the circumstances surrounding us. When we fix our eyes on Him, we receive direction in times of confusion, strength in times of weakness, and encouragement in a time of discouragement.
Why Should We Look Unto Jesus

Christ has come to save sinners from their sins and the impending doom.
In Him, we live, move, and have our being Act 17:28
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man can come to God or please Him except through Christ. John 14:6; Hebrews 11:6
Jesus quickens the believers to be able to live a life pleasing unto God. Phil. 3: 20-21; Col. 2:9-10
He is the originator and perfecter of our faith.

Hindrances to Looking Unto Jesus

Overcharging our hearts with the cares of life and pursuing riches at the expense of our salvation. 1 John 2:15-17
Other hindrances include lack and want, need not met, seemingly unanswered prayers, trials, and temptation, afflictions, etc To overcome these hindrances, give yourself to prayers and studying God’s word. If problems persist, seek counsel. Be determined to continue to trust in God in the face of all odds. If we take our eyes off the Lord Jesus, we stumble and if we continue in this condition we fall away from faith Matthew 14:28-31

Benefits of Looking Unto Jesus

Fullness and the power of God in our life. Col. 2:9-10; 1Cor. 1:23-25
Abundant blessing and spiritual rest. Matthew 11:28; and peace Isaiah 26:3
Eternal life

Emulate the Lord Jesus. The believer stumbles when he looks away from the Lord Jesus Christ
Topic: The Grace of God
Text: 2 CORINTHIAN 12:9
The grace of God is the undeserved favor of God, and this is the very nature of God almighty. John 1:17, Eph. 2:6-8 and in the Old Testament God favored Israel not because of their number but of His graceful nature to be faithful to covenant promises. Gen. 17:1-8 In the New Testament, Gods’ grace is manifested in the giving of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, on behalf of undeserving sinners Gods’ grace is multiplied to the believers by the Holy Spirit, impacting forgiveness; acceptance, and power to do Gods’ will John 3:16 The whole of our Christian life from beginning to the end is dependent on Gods’ grace. 1 Co 15:10 & Phil. 2:13. This favor is given in measures
How Does One Get Gods’ Grace?

As a gift. God gives a measure of grace to unbelievers so that they may be able to believe in Christ Eph. 2: 8-9
Must be diligently desired& sought Heb. 4:16
Humble yourself before God- James 4:6-10
Studying & obeying the scriptures – John 15: 1-11
Hearing the preaching of Gods’ word- Tom. 1:16
Praying- Jude 20
Fasting- Matt. 4:2, 6:16
Worshipping Christ – Col. 3:16
Being continually filled with the Holy Ghost- Eph. 5: 18 We can grow in the grace of God. 1 Pet. 1:15 but men can resist (Heb. 12:15) receive in vain (2 Cor. :1) put out (Thes. 5:19) set aside (Gal. 2:21) and abandoned (Gal. 5:4) this grace.

Some Benefits of Gods’ Grace

Enables us to live above sin Rom. 6:20-23
Obedience Eph. 2:5
Ability to pray Zach. 12:10
To grow in Christ 2 Pet. 3:18
To witness for Christ Acts 4:33

The grace of God is the foundation of every Christian life and it is adequate Heb. 4:16 for all situations.
Topic: Rooked and Built-Up in Him
Text : COL. 2:6-23; EQH. 3:14-19, 4:1-3
To be rooted and built-up in Him means to be firmly fixed and deeply planted and settled in Christ Jesus Col. :7 through the knowledge of the word and will of God and not being able to be tossed to and fro b7 every wind of trial strange doctrines and teachers that lie in wait to deceive. Christ is the foundation into which every born again Christian is rooted in Isaiah 28:16; 1 Corinth. 3:11 and therefore we must look unto Him Heb. 132:2 because He is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. 1 Cor. 1:30
How Can We Be Rooted in Christ

You must be born again Jn. 1:12; 3:3; Rom. 10:9-10
You must die and let our roots be established. Except for a grain of wheat fall into the earth and dies, it abides alone. John 12:24
Abide in Christ. John 15:5
Daily desire, search, study, understand, memorize and appropriate the sincere milk of the word of God. 1 Pet. 2:2

How to Be Built up in Christ

Abide in Christ
Abide in His love- love God and love our neighbors. 1 John 3:16-18
Abide in His word- obey God’s word and live by it. Rom. 10:17
Set your love and desire for heavenly things. Col. 3: 1-4
Be prayerful. Luke 18:1; 1Thes. 5: 17
Not forsaking the assembly of saints. Heb. 10:25 for iron sharpens iron. Prov. 27:17 To be well rooted and built up in Christ avoid sin Eph. :3-7 so that the wrath Of God with cometh to the children of disobedience will not be our lot. Even the so-called “tiny sins” destroy the “tender grapes” of our spiritual lives (Songs of Solomon 2:15)

Benefits of Being Rooted and Built up in Christ

Daily physical and spiritual nourishment. John 15:5
We are guaranteed answers to our prayers. John 15:7
No longer under condemnation. Roman 8:1-2
We are led by the Holy Spirit and he also makes intercession for us. Roman 8:26

God will cause all who sincerely seek and trust Him to be deeply rooted and abundantly fruitful and our benefits are not only in this world. 2 Cor. 15:19

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