How Can We Control Corruption?

CAN WE EVER REMOVE CORRUPTION? Corruption: This word corruption is something disreputable which we always come across in our day to day life whether it reveals in politics or is seen in our regular jobs. Corruption exists in almost all the countries of the world. The rich and powerful people are the real beneficiaries of corruption and they are never part of movement to eradicate the corruption. All of them need to be made center of attraction before the society and media for their act of corruption.
The question is that, we always come across this word, but is there any way out we can get rid of these termites which are eating up a country’s future and making it unhealthy ?. We need to be helpful to the weaker section of the society who are the real victims of corruption. Do we really think that only going against the politicians and passing bills by the parliamentary committee of a democratic country or electing a correct ruler/ leader would lead its country and remove corruption from its root permanently?.
As per my view, only electing a good leader/ruler would not remove corruption as a whole from its root because they can show us the right path and in a big country which have its own huge and special problems, we cannot expect from the leaders heading the Govt. to reach every individual and keep a watch on the measures taken to remove the termite called‘ Corruption’ from its Country, City, State or the World. But it is agreed by all that politicians and greedy business tycoons are the backbone of corruption world over. A country and its responsibilities do not only fall on the shoulders of the political leaders of that country because the country not only belongs to them but it is also a responsibility of all of us. We should not only blame one person or a body of people but should understand that if the corruption has become a part of higher level and a country is getting effected – its present future, everything is in danger, then they are not solely responsible for all these things.

If we want to remove the corruption from its root, we will have to work hard together towards this and first of all remove corruption from its root which is lying in our day to day life and within us. It is not possible for a single person to remove corruption Removing corruption has become so difficult because we all have adopted this as a habit in our daily life. For some reasons or the other, we adopt this method to achieve our desires, dream and also to get id of problems in a shortcut way. I can just make my friends count few examples at a go : – O When caught in a traffic jam and and we are asked to show our driving license, we prefer most of the time to bribe the traffic officer or get rid of spending more time in arguing or settling up with him. O When we require to get some work done from a person and we know that there is a difficulty in it, we prefer bribing such person(s)to get our work done very easily.
O We even in the name of donation do not stop bribing schools and some of them also entertain this practice in the name of donation when its time for admissions of our children. In a short, we bribe or follow corruption every where in our day to day life, so how can we say that the leaders or the political bodies are only responsible for corruption in a country ? Giving chance to eligible people at work place and only following people whom we like is also a part of corruption.
Wherever we go, every second of our life we practice corruption, so going against only a particular group of people, doing hunger strikes won’t help us until we become real enemies of corruption and each and every one of us starts thinking that we are the leaders of the country and our aim is to set an examples for every other person. Being a part of corruption or not raising voice against it, is equal in every sense. As it is always said that “ Charity begins at home”, we should always understandthat the fight against corruption can only be fought with vigor and vitality to kill it from its root which is possible only when we all start a revolution and stop evensupporting this kind of practice and activities at a very lower to higher level. Rules and Regulations – disciplines and laws should be equal for all, supporting terror in any ways,selfish thinking should be stopped and voice against wrong issues are the few initial steps which can be taken up by any of us, every individual, peopleand all of our country men towards a healthy future.
At the end, the way to eradicate corruption is possible only when the society andyoung youths of today promise to themselves to contain it and bring a clean environment for the growth of country and its people. If we all are united and theyoung generation is determined to prioritize the eradication of corruption from the country, it will benefit a common man and would lead the country to a new height as well.

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How Can We Control Corruption?
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