How to be a good student

Time management Planned and don’t put off your plan Pay attention in your lesson Take note and Review by Creating mind map Stage II: Planning (Outlining) Stage Ill: Writing f you want to be a good student, you should follow these advices that I will mention below. The firstly of them is that you should pay attention in your lesson. In fact, teacher is the person who concludes all main points of your lesson and tell it to you in an interesting and clear way in class.
As a result, eying attention in your lesson is the best way help you save time to understand what you are learning in the book. The second advice is taking note and reviewing your lesson by creating mind map. In my opinion, listening to our teachers just like collect the information; however, a good student have to gain their own knowledge. One solution is taking note what you think is necessary, and then, you put all information you collected in your brain by remembering an imaginative noted mind map.
Last but not least, landing for your target, and manage your time weekly in order to reach your goal. Indeed, the more suitable plan you make, the more effective work you done. Accordingly, you should have long-term, short-term plan as well as weekly, monthly timetable. In addition, you also should rearrange your schedule so often that them are agreed with your aim; likewise making sure your timetable is enough flexible for you to not put off your work. In conclusion, these above “how to be a good student’ advices only work when you want.

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