human discussion

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Include a couple of well-chosen quotes from the resources to support your writing. However, do not overload your writing with quotes!  
[Note:  NO works cited page is necessary, but please give me a one or two word clue as to which resource you are quoting.  Example:  (Human Journey) or (Frontline; then the first two words of the title of the article.  Example:  (Frontline: Jesus Was)].

There are two main themes in the Gospel of Mark:  one is the question of Jesus’ identity and the other is the nature of discipleship.  In many different passages, Jesus tells his followers what it takes if they truly want to be one of his followers – he tells them what they must do, what they must give up, and the two-part commandment they must follow.  
1.   Please describe some of these requirements for discipleship (including chapter and verse) and also explain your thoughts on these requirements. (For example, what does it mean to you to “pick up your own cross?”)  Support your writing with well-chosen quotes from The Gospel of Mark (including the Intro) and from the Frontline article posted in this section.

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human discussion
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[Note:  It would be a great idea for you to take notes while you are reading through the gospel so you know exactly where to find the requirements Jesus mentions when you begin writing your post!]

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