Human Relations 3-4 pages not including title page. Sources must be 8 years or less!

You have recently joined an organization in an entry-level HR position. The organization employees recently succeeded in a campaign election for unionization and the organization is now subject to union representation. 

You have been asked by your supervisor to write a memo for your HR colleagues that provides an overview of the expectations for managing human resources in a unionized environment. Your memo must address the following:

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Human Relations 3-4 pages not including title page. Sources must be 8 years or less!
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Describe the differences from the organization’s (management’s) perspective, in operating in a union-free environment versus a unionized environment. (You are not writing a memo to the employees.)
Describe the rights of the union, the employees, and management.
Identify the potential impact of the union on human resource functions, including
Work restructuring  
Performance Management
Employee Discipline and Job Security
Wages and Benefits
Health and Safety
Identify the costs the organization may expect based upon the impacts described above.
Use subheadings to separate the sections of the paper, Times New Roman font, 12 pt size, Title Page, Reference Page, and APA format. See the link below.

You must begin your memo by identifying who the audience is, who you are, and what your goal is in writing the memo. When someone receives a memo they need to know right up front why they are receiving it and what it will address. Then you address the key issues or tasks as well as any expectations you have of them. You must always provide some type of summary or conclusion. (It is the old Disney speak – Tell them what you are going to do, do it well and then briefly summarize what you did.)

Support your answers! In responding, you must use 5 references including 2 from the course materials. They should be from a scholarly journal or credible news source from within the past 8 years. 

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