i want someone to write a appeal letter

i have been kicked out from the college so i want someone to write for mea really good appeal letter i already have good excuses so don’t worry about it and i will share it with you.

Based on your academic performance, I am writing to inform you that you have been placed on Academic Suspension for earning less than a 1.3 semester GPA. 

In order to return to Lasell College:

A. You may apply for readmission through the Registrar’s Office during or following the semester/year in which you are away from Lasell. 
Your application must include:
1. Specific reference to the reasons for your suspension;
2. An account of what you have done while away from the College; and
3. An explanation of how your circumstances have and will continue to improve.

B. If there are extenuating circumstances that warrant reconsideration of your Suspension, you may send a letter of appeal to James, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Please include the same information noted above in section A explaining why you believe you should be allowed to return on probation this semester.

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