ID System

As computer technology changes in such a fast phase, many business firms and institutions try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. There is no doubt that computer is a must asset in all professions, because it offers more efficient way to process transactions. There are still institutions that use manual processing on their transactions and their system are not yet improved. Through this, it is inevitable to commit errors, troubles and it is time consuming.
Access Computer College is a private school and has seven branches that are located in Metro Manila. It was established in 1981 and owned by Mr. Romeo T. Karate. Students, professors and staffs of these schools particularly in Cabaret branch are just using an ordinary ID card in entering and exiting the school campus. As long as an ID is worn, it is valid for the entry that is why outsiders are hardly identified. The school doesn’t have an organized and secure ID system that can make everyone’s life easy and convenient to avoid the occurrence of problems in their transactions.
So the proponents decided to propose an ID system with SMS notification and ID scanner to provide a better way of dealing with transactions like information and security purposes. This study is descriptive and explanatory research endeavor. It seeks to inform the reader about the benefits and advantages of having more convenient and systematic ID system because indeed, high technology and security is related to each other.

Having convenience in all task performed in daily living is very helpful using high technology equipment. The proponents will introduce a type of security system that will help a lot in terms of identifying and verifying students, faculties and staffs using the barcode scanner. Student’s ID card is a gate pass with a network-based system that will monitor the time in and out of the student inside the campus and directly send information to their parents/guardian. This system is about security and information that is stored in a database needed for future references.
Conceptual framework
Conceptual Framework is the clarification of all the activities and process of the entire ID system. This study used the System Development Life Process define as a logical process used by a system analyst to develop an information system, including requirements, validation, training, and user. The SDLP is originated by Elliott & Strachan & Radford (2004), The System Development Life
Process used by the proponents to show the process of the entire development of the system.
Figure 1.1 System Development Life Process of Access Computer College
The importance of this study is to develop an ID system for Access Computer College. In the stage of Identifying the Problem, the proponents gathered information about the particular problem encountered by students and staffs of the school.
In the stage of Planning, the proponents carefully analyzed the possible explanation that will help to solve the identified problem of school in their current system. The proponents made some interviews on some students and staff about the problems they encountered.
In the next process which is the designing, the proponents visualize or conceptualize a good interface that is suitable for the institution’s name and profile. In the stage of system development the proponents began to code using the Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 as programming language and Microsoft Access Key as Database.
In the situation of system testing, the proponents try the system to identify some errors or inconsistency of it and if there are some inconsistencies, the proponents will debug or code the system. The proponents conducted the intensive testing program and updating to prevent errors and viruses and to assure that the system will not cause any malfunctions and inconsistency. Next stage is system evaluation, the proponents gathered feedbacks and comments from the user of the system. The next is the system implementation where in the proponents will implement the system to the said school. The last stage is the system maintenance. The system will be under a warranty services, the warranty covers system consultation, system tutorials, system check up and debugging for possible and encountered errors. System enhancement will not be covered by the system warranty.
Statement of the Problem
The ID system study is created for the security and information for Access Computer College, Zabarte Branch. The study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the common situations usually encountered in using the current system of Access Computer College? 2. How can this ID system improve the security and information of students and staff of the school? 3. Is there any significant difference between existing system and the proposed system in terms of:
Scope and Limitation
This part tells the capability and limitation of the program which the proponent will need to develop. Scope
Log in modules can be used by Admin and/or authorized personnel. Searching files/records of students, professors and staffs are in order. Adding files/records will be done by a designated person only. Saving of files and records can be done according to the information. Only the Admin has the authorization to add, change, and delete the students’, professors’ and his/her accounts. The two command buttons; edit button and delete button will be enabled if the verification code is right. The system is using USB Modem as its gateway for sending mesages
Log in modules cannot be used by authorized person.
The SMS notification is only applicable to the students.
Significance of the Study
1. Students
2. Professors
This kind of system can now solve their problems in terms of dealing transactions and will achieve a safe learning environment, efficiency, security and accessibility of information. In addition, this can help them fasten and lessen their work in every transaction.
3. Proponents
The study finds the proponent’s behavior in creativity of being a programmer. It is valuable because this will widen their knowledge and skills in programming and will encourage them to learn more about computer field.
4. Access Computer College
This will be a great advantage because Access Computer College will be known for its good education with regards in creating a program.
Definition of Terms
For better understanding of the readers, the following terms are
defined: Accuracy – the ability of the system to be précised on its records and avoid errors. Database – Is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data ( Database helps the system to have a security in terms of storing information about a particular product or people. Efficiency – the ability of the system to achieve the desired result without wasted energy and effort. System – is a collection of automated transaction system (Microsoft EncartaDictionary, 2007).
In this study, system refers to the Integrated Security with SMS Notification and Scanner for Access Computer College. Transaction – An agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment (Webster Dictionary, William Collins, World Publishing Company Inc., 1990),the process of exchanging payments between the payment staff and the trainees. In this study, it is interaction between the students, professors and staffs having a transaction.
Method of Research
Methodology includes the data gathering, Brainstorming, questionnaire, interviews, statistical treatment and testing activities.
Data Gathering
The following gathering data tools were used in this study. (1) Observation the existing traditional ID system to have a better understanding about it. The proponent observed how the old ID system works. (2) Interview was used to collect a fact regarding the current system to have a better idea on how ir works. (3) Research method was used by the proponents search and gather data that will support this study. We used internet and collected data from the library materials such as books and other thesis that will help guide us through the course of this study.
This techniques of generating ideas during group meeting participants are encourage to generate any ideas, feasible in a short time period which any analysis until all ideas have been exhausted. Proponent talk about the problem that encountered in Access Computer Colloge in their current system. Proponent gives ideas on haw to solve the problem.
A set of prepared questions used in data system.
The proponent conducts an interview by using both verbal and written for asking questions.

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