Importance of Sports for Children and Students

Our health depends on our life. Most people are busy working, pupils are busy studying, but they always find time to relax and enjoy themselves. Physical culture and sports in our country are part of our cultural and public life. It is very popular with young people. Sport is also paid great attention in schools, colleges and universities. Every city and town has a few stadiums, swimming pools, amateur clubs and keep-fit centers where people go aerobics, yoga, body-building, swimming, skating and Jogging.
Sports help people to maintain good health and enjoy life, but some boys and girls do not want to take an active part in them. They do not believe that sport is very necessary and also they think that sport may stand in the way of other important things. Everyone knows that getting fit is good for health buy why it is good and what are the ways to be fit? There are some unusual ways of keeping fit:

First way is that you can practice korfball. Korfball is a mixture between handball and basketball, it is a fast exciting game.The main difference is that men and women play on the same team. It is also a good way to keep fit
The second way is to practice Tat-Chi.It is a Chinese martial art which goes back thousands of years. Tat-Chi is very gentle and consists of slow movements which it is important to do carefully. The big advantage is that you can do it anywhere and it is an excellent way of getting rid of stress.
The third way is gaming for fitness. Most people do not see playing video games as a way of keeping fit.

You sit on the floor, look at the screen and the only part f your body that moves is your thumb. Thanks to brand new game Dance Revolution, games are now getting on exercise floor and it is an easy and exciting way of getting fit for everyone. Getting in shape has never been more popular. For millions of people around the world, regular exercise is now part of their daily lives. Some people Jog, cycle and swim, while others prefer to work out in gyms or play team sports.
Another reason for fitness boom is youth and beauty, because men and women try their best to look as young and attractive as possible. Fit people not only feel good-they look good too. There are some advantages of being fit: -Firstly it reduces the risk of heart attacks -Secondly it increases strength, stamina, and suppleness -Thirdly it helps people to lose weight – Fourthly it means that people sleep better and do not get tired so better – Finally it makes people feel healthier, happier and more positive. As for me, I do sport regularly. I am not a professional.
I play badminton with my friends,but my favorite sport is swimming and I go to the swimming-pool twice a week. This helps me feel fit and healthy. Keeping fit doesn’t mean only doing sport. It also includes the right way of eating. Nowadays it is very popular to go on a diet. On the one hand, it makes people feel better because they avoid eating fatty and unhealthy food, but on the other hand, some people start eating very little and they lose weight and do not look healthy at all. It is necessary to get all types of vitamins to keep body healthy.
It is recommended to eat fruit and vegetable because they contain a lot of important itamins and one of them is vitamin C. A lot of people like spending most of their spare time watching TV or working at computers. Such people ruin their eyes and their muscles do not work well. This way of life is not healthy. There are also bad habits that can damage health of people. They include smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. A lot of young people prefer smoking to going in for sport and this is not good. As for me, I try to lead a healthy life, because I like feeling happy.

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