Important People

Franklin D. Roosevelt- He was the first president who understood how to use media and the radio. He made speeches on the radio called Fireside chats. He made about 28- 33 of these. He was elected to office four times. In one of his speeches he talked about how there was more employment now than 4 years ago. He used radio to give his own points of view and defend the New Deal. Used radio because it was intimate. Superman/ Clark Kent- Cartoon (sept. 18, 1942) superman takes the war to the enemy in a time that we could not do it.
He did something that they were incapable of doing, defeating the enemy. he was fighting the military (not TERRERISM) not blowing business building just military items. He represents our country. Clark Kent is supermans alter ego who is a reporter for the Metropolis newspaper, The Daily Planet. Herman Goering- (1893 – 1946). He was a German politician, military leader, and a leading member of the Nazi Party. Among many offices, he was Hitler’s designated successor, and commander of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).
He was a veteran of WWI as an ace fighter pilot, and a recipient of the coveted Pour le Merite (“The Blue Max”). He was the last commander of Jagdgeschwader I, the air squadron of Manfred Von Richthofen “The Red Baron”. After the WWII he was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but committed suicide by cyanide ingestion the night before he was due to be hanged. Max Fleischer- (1883 – 1972) He was an American animator. He was a pioneer in the development of the animated cartoon and served as the head of Fleischer Studios.

He brought such animated characters as Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Popeye, and Superman to the movie screen and was responsible for a number of technological innovations like the idea of the rotoscope which was a concept to simplify the process of animating movement by tracing frames of live action film. Lois Lane- she is a reporter for the Metropolis newspaper, The Daily Planet. She represents our individual attitudes. She is willing to die for what she believes in and is a hero. She represents American stubbornness and she’s a hero because she never once calls for help.
Iva Toguri- (1916 –2006) She was an American citizen who participated in English-language propaganda broadcast transmitted by Radio Tokyo to Allied soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II. Although on the “Zero Hour” radio show, Toguri called herself “Orphan Ann,” she quickly became identified with the moniker “Tokyo Rose”, a name that was coined by Allied soldiers and that predated her broadcasts. William Joyce- (1906 – 1946) He was nicknamed Lord Haw-Haw and was a fascist politician and Nazi propaganda broadcaster to the United Kingdom during the Second World War.
He was hanged for treason by the British government as a result of his wartime activities. Joseph Goebbels- (1897 –h 1945) was a German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. As one of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s closest associates and most devout followers, he was known for his zealous oratory and anti-Semitism. He was the chief architect of the Kristallnacht attack on the German Jews, which historians consider to be the commencement of the Nazi violence culminating in the Holocaust.
From our notes: he said to Hitler that he needed to sell his ideas and form an enemy. Neville Chamberlain (1869 – 1940) was a British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940. Chamberlain is best known for his appeasement foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany. When Adolf Hitler continued his aggression, Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, and Chamberlain led Britain through the first eight months of World War II.
Hughes flying Boat H-4 (hk-1) Hercules (“Spruce Goose”)- was a prototype heavy transport aircraft designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft company. The aircraft made its only flight on November 2, 1947. Built from wood because of wartime raw material restrictions on the use of aluminum, it was nicknamed the “Spruce Goose” by its critics. The Hercules is the largest flying boat ever built, and has the largest wingp and height of any aircraft in history. It survives in good condition at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, USA.

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Important People
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