Individual: Calculator Application Part 2

This is a purely related to IOS development assignment. bid only if you are willing to manage

Create a single view iPhone® project that demonstrates the following skills, features and functionality:

Create a Single View iPhone® project using Objective-C® that contains two entry text fields with descriptive labels.  These entry fields will allow the user to enter a numerator and denominator value. The labels next to the fields describe what should be entered. Use interface builder to create the UI controls.
Add two buttons to the view using the techniques described in the textbook, Objective-C and iOS Programming: A Simplified Approach to Developing Apps for the Apple iPhone & iPad, then hook up the actions to the button so the user can execute application logic.
Copy or recreate the Calculator class from Week One and add it to the project.  Use the add and divide method in the class to return results when the buttons are clicked
Add a label to the view to display the results of the calculator.

Submit your application to the Assignment Files tab above.

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