Information Systems Questions

B2B vs. B2C Information Systems

1. Many wholesale organizations decide to diversify and extend their reach by adding direct-to-consumers sales or services. If a business was strictly an online B2B organization, how would it need to change its information systems to enable B2C services?

Supporting Supply Chain

2. It is much easier for a business to build revenue and profit from current customers who return for additional products or services than to find new customers.
Explain the difference between operational and analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems.
Provide examples of how each would support a supply chain strategy that includes maximizing customers returning to make additional purchases.

Career Growth

3. Individual growth is a critical part of employee engagement and is necessary for advancing in your career. It is important to be proactive and seek out new opportunities to ensure you are growing as a professional.
Research opportunities for personal and professional development that enable you to reach your personal and professional goals (in addition to pursuing your education through the University of Phoenix).
Consider the following questions when researching:
• Are there projects you could be assigned to in your current position of IT?
• Are there opportunities to shadow or become an apprentice for someone currently in a position you would like?

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