Information technology management

You will be the IT Manager to improve the performance of the airport’s passenger processing system.
The new airport will have faster process timing and better security. New IT system is to make the airport more efficient and more secure.  The new advanced IT system will replace the human ID control, Airport check-in and boarding-pass process, with advanced IT System with no human airport officer. Once installed, in the new airport, the passenger will walk through a passage surrounded with cameras, microphones and other remote readers to do “ID control, Airport check-in and boarding-pass process” all at the same time. The passenger will not interact with any officer at the airport. There will be no direct human interaction at the airport which in long run will reduce the overall expenses and make the airport financially better off. Additionally, less employees means, less traffic and less parking around the airport.  The new stem will be implemented in stages. In stage one only one terminal will be closed for renovation and installation of the new IT system.  The install all components of the new IT system must be completed in one week and another week to do all tests. The Airport cannot accept to have a terminal be closed more the two weeks. The goal is to implement the new system in to all four terminals gradually while only one terminal closed at any given time of the project. The passenger will simply walk through a passage surrounded with well hidden cameras and other remote readers. Each customer will be given and RFID bracelets when they enter to the airport. The initial airport already has five Terminals. Therefore, five new sections are going to be build (Eventually, all passengers will be passing through these sections). In the new airport, first step, passenger to the get the RFID bracelet at automated kiosk, this is an ATM type machine has face recognition cameras, finger-print reader and connection to DMV and IRS to authenticate the passenger and update the Airport database. This is the only step where passenger will stop and wait for the machine to put the RFID bracelet on his/her wrist.  Then, passenger with RFID bracelet never stops until seating in the aircraft. One Centralized database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport terminal.
You will be making recommendations for Project Planning Phase for this advanced Airport IT system.
The project are;
Project 1 : Developing software for new IT system (ID control, Airport check-in and boarding-pass process)
Project 2:  Selecting and testing the new hardware (RFID bracelet, Cameras, Finger print readers, supporting computers etc. )
Project 3:  Preparing the airport structure (remodeling of the terminal), construction
Project 4:  Installation of new system and test runs before opening the terminal
Project 5 : Training the airport personnel for the new stem
All this section should be done in 18 months. Airport can not have one terminal closed more than 18 months. Initial Investment for one terminal is $150,000. 
QUESTION 1:  Answer the Project Planning Phase Attempts Questions (see slide #4)
QUESTION 2:  What type of The Organization and Project Resources you would use for this project? Advantages and Disadvantages of the Organization type you would recommend.
QUESTION 3:  What Procurement-Type you would use for the software and hardware needs of the project
QUESTION 4:  What type of Project Outsourcing Model you would use? And why?

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