Information technology management

You will be the IT Manager to improve the performance of the airport’s passenger processing system. The new airport will have lees employees and faster process timing. New IT system is to make the Airport more efficient and more secure. The new advanced IT system will replace the boarding-pass, ID control personnel with advanced IT System. The passenger will walk through a passage surrounded with cameras and other remote readers. The passenger will not interact with any officer at the airport.
Airport has three entry points (Three terminals). Therefore, three new sections are going to be build (so all passengers will be passing through new IT system).  At the terminal entry point, passenger get RFID bracelet at the automated kiosk, This ATM type machine has face recognition cameras, finger-print reader and connection to DMV to authenticate the passenger and update the Airport database. This is the only step where passenger will stop and wait for the machine to put the RFID bracelet on his/her wrist.  Then, passenger with RFID bracelet never stops until seating in the aircraft.
The Organization’s business strategy is to start from one airport. In this selected airport, first install the new system in one terminal and three months latter in the second terminal, and after that, three months later to the last terminal. If the system becomes successful at the first airport, then the new IT system will be installed to another airports.
Question 1: List the Project Attributes for this new IT system
Question 2: List the possible Project Failure that may cause form; People, Process, Technology and Organization
Question 3: What can be done to improving the likelihood of success (less failure and delay)?

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