Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Fall 2010 WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Section 001 Meeting Times: TTH 9:30-10:45AM Location:Currell College 203 Instructor: Dr. Sharon Lee White Phone: 777-4007(Please leave message) E-Mail: [email protected] sc. edu Office Hours: By appointment only Course Description: This multidisciplinary course is designed to explore historical and contemporary aspects of race, social class, gender, and sexuality.Focusing on the intersection of race, class, gender and sexual orientation, this course will examine how the confluence of these identities shape the lives of individuals, institutions, and society as a whole. We will also explore the various dimensions of privilege, stratification, and oppression and resistance as well as racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism and the overall systemic nature of these and other “isms.
” Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes: 1. Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the intersection of race, social class, gender, and sexual orientation. . Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of how the confluence of the above identities yield complex consequences for individuals, institutions, and society as a whole. 3. Students should be able to discuss the theories about the origins of these intersections and the structures and forces that maintain them and perpetuate their existence. 4.
Students will demonstrate understanding of diversity by gender, race, social class, and sexuality. Required Texts: 1. David M.Newman, Identities & Inequalities: Exploring the Intersection of Race, Class Gender, and Sexuality, (McGraw Hill, 2007). Available at the Russell House Bookstore 2. Articles Provided by the Instructor (Posted on Blackboard) 3. Films will be shown throughout the semester to compliment the readings and/or illustrate the themes discussed in lectures and readings.

Course Requirements and Grading Scale: |Assignments |Total Points | |Four (4) Exams.Each Exam will count 100 points |400 | |1 Reflection/Reaction Paper* |100 | |Final Writing Assignment* |100 | |Final Exam |100 | |TOTAL |700 | *See attachment to Syllabus Your Final Grade will be Determined as Follows: Total Points |Numerical Grade |Letter Grade | |662-700 |95-100 |A | |627-661 |90-94 |B+ | |592-626 |85-89 |B | |557-591 |80-84 |C+ | |522-556 |75-79 |C | |487-421 |70-74 |D+ | |452-486 |65-69 |D | |451 and below |64 and below |F | Attendance and other Responsibilities: This is a collaborative class with emphasis on discussion. Participation and attendance are essential if we are to be productive. With this in mind, please be reminded that University policy allows me to drop your course grade by one letter or more if you miss more than 10% (3 for TTH) of our scheduled class meetings and fail you for missing more that 25% (7 for TTH).There is no difference between an “excused” and “unexcused” absence, except in extenuating circumstances. For a more complete explanation, please refer to The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Bulletin. • I will send all written communications to students through Blackboard.
Please make sure that you check it regularly. • It is your responsibility to keep up with readings and assignments if you are absent. Please do not ask me for discussion notes that you missed because of absence or tardiness. You may, however, ask me to clarify anything that you did not understand from any of the lectures. I strongly suggest that you get to know and exchange contact information with your classmates. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the due date. I will not accept late assignments.
• No make-up exams will be given. They will be posted to Blackboard for at least three (3) days. • Please be advised that cell phones, I-pods, Mp3 Players, and other electronic devices should be turned off during class. You may use a computer to take notes, however, if you are observed surfing the net, checking e-mail, etc. , you will be asked to leave and be marked absent for the day. Likewise, if you are caught text-messaging, or reading materials not related to this class (newspapers, magazines, etc. ) you will be asked to leave and be marked absent.
Students with disabilities and/or special needs should notify me immediately for assistance with any necessary arrangements and/or accommodations • All students are expected to follow the Carolina Creed. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you will receive an F for the course. Please read your Carolina Community Bulletin for the definition and more information on plagiarism. A Special Note: Some materials that we cover in this class may challenge your personal belief and may be quite different from what you or I believe. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics, it is important that we try to remain objective.Most importantly, it is my intent to make this class a “safe space” for respectful self-expression and sometimes you or your classmates may share personal information pertaining to our discussion.
I ask that we keep such disclosures confidential. Course Schedule for WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Fall 2010 *Please be advised that I reserve the right to alter the syllabus at anytime during the semester. If I find it necessary to do so, I will make an effort to give you reasonable notice of the changes. Please come to class prepared to discuss readings on the assigned date/day

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