Interview Project Part 3: Interview Plan

An interview plan is a schedule of how your interview will go. Creating a plan is critical for having a successful interview.
Your plan should cover the following areas:

What you plan to wear

In the what you plan to wear section, describe what you plan to wear to make a positive first impression and why you choose to wear it. How is your dress appropriate for the culture of the company?
The opening section clarifies word-for-word how you will greet and prepare the interviewee for the interview.

Express your appreciation for his/her willingness to help you and shake his/her hand.
In the orientation section, let the interviewee know what to expect in the interview.
Remind them the interview is 30 minutes.
Let them know you will save time at the end of the interview for them to fill out an evaluation form about the interview.
Preview the topics you’ll be asking him/her about.
Get permission to use a tape recorder (if applicable).
Ask if he/she has any questions before you begin. 

The body section has the topics as headings and interview questions under each heading.

 Designate each question as either primary (opening a new topic) or secondary (follow-up on a topic)
Designate each question either open, closed, or clearinghouse
Possible topics:

Likes and dislikes about his/her profession
Types of training and education he/she would recommend to prepare for this profession
Prospects for future employment in the profession
Effects of job on personal life
Advice he/she would add

In the closing section:

Thank the interviewee for his/her time.
Invite them the fill out the Evaluation. Read the instructions with them, assuring them their answers will not affect your grade. Wait while he/she fills it out. Add details to the notes you took of the interview while you are waiting.
 Ask for a business card or address so you can send a thank you letter
Take a photo of you and the interviewee to document you were there

Your interview should follow this example
Actions , however, you will create your own topics and questions.

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