Introducing Hitech and history of EHRS

Note this is HIMA310 workType the answers to the following question in a Word document using proper spelling and grammar. It is difficult to “describe” or “explain” in one or two sentences. Cite any sources. Submit the answers to this questions Questions1.Continuing the discussion of Meaningful Use, go to the following web page Health IT and in your own words briefly outline the requirements of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. Review the supplementary information provided on Meaningful Use as well2. Explain how the HITECH provisions use health IT to support health care reform.3. Explain how HITECH is impacting quality improvement.4. Explain how HITECH relates to privacy and security.5.Describe what EHR features are important for compliance with HITECH and Meaningful Use.6. Explain what policies and procedures should be in place or updated compliance with HITECH and Meaningful User7.Based on what you know about the history of health information technology, which HITECH provisions are likely to be implemented more easily than others?

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