ISCOM 361 Week 2 Individual Assignment The Purchasing Cycle

In this pack of ISCOM 361 Week 2 Individual Assignment The Purchasing Cycle you will find the next information:Read the following scenario:To be the best asset to its organization, a purchasing department must efficiently and effectively use the purchasing process. The process includes how the department identifies organizational needs, evaluates those needs, chooses suppliers who fulfill those needs, ensures prompt and accurate payment, evaluates the level to which needs were met, and facilitates improvement. The effectiveness a purchasing department displays in overcoming challenges presented by the process and the efficiency with which it streamlines day-to-day operations is vital to organizational success.For an employee to work in the process, he or she must understand it. Please use headers for each requirement below. Choose a specific industry, such as transportation, food and beverage, or housing. Conduct research into the purchasing process for the industry you choose.

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