IT Systems Integerity – Cloud Computing

Topic :  IT Systems Integerity – Cloud Computing
Need  8 Pages of paper on Results, findings, discussions and conclusion. (APA format paper with atleast 8 peer reviewed references).
Please see the below points and write about it in question and answer format. (Also see the attached research paper which is a continuation of this paper and also the template).
Results and Findings:

Include the results of your study
Include figures and tables along showing visual comparisons
Include narrative text (not bullet points) describing the comparisons


A discussion and evaluation of the conflicting results
A discussion of the unexpected findings
A discussion on how the findings answer your research questions, address the      hypotheses or propositions
An explanation of the implication of your findings (why they are important      and how they affect our understanding of the research problem).


A summarization of the entire research project

What you set out to do (purpose)
What you did (methods)
What you found (results)

A critical evaluation of the research project, future research suggestions, and recommendations.

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