ITM Capstone

Discussion question: Identify and briefly discuss one recommendation that should be followed when using a corporate blog for branding, marketing, or public relations purposes. *250 words with atleast 1 APA reference*

Respond to the below post:
A corporate blog is a web-based platform that organizations use to achieve their goals and objectives. It basically connects them to their stakeholders who are on the internet. One of the major objectives as to why businesses use corporate blogs is marketing their products and services (Cass, 2007). It is recommended for corporate blogs to be used for this purpose because it assists businesses to reach customers beyond physical boundaries. The major recommendation for this strategy is because it is cheaper than others. A business only needs to be detailed in creating the content in the blog so as to provide as much information as possible to its potential stakeholders. This is a strategy that exposes a business to the outside world so that it can attract many customers.
Through corporate blogs, businesses have the opportunity of describing the products and services that are available in the different stores. This is a form of marketing which is effective in areas where physical marketing could be a challenge. As a result of corporate blogs, businesses are also able to build strong brand names because they become popular across wide in geographical areas. Lastly, corporate blogs also help businesses in building public relations. In this case, it is recommended to have an option where by an organization can interact with its stakeholders either through social media or direct phone calls. This creates a strong bond which improves public relations. Basically, an effective use of corporate blogs enables businesses to build their brands, market their products, and create better public relations.

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