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Jesse James Paige Riley College Prep English Ms. Engel Works Cited 1881, with authorities growing suspicious, Jesse rented a house in Saint Joseph, and Missouri. “Jesse James – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. N. p. , n. d. Web. 11 Sept. 2012. <http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jesse_James “Jesse James Biography. ” Biography Base Home. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. <http://www. biographybase. com/biography/james_jesse. html>. Bio True Story Jesse James Biography – Facts, Birthday, Life Story – Biography. om . ” Bio True Story Famous Biographies & TV Shows – Biography. com . N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. <http://www. biography. com/people/jesse-james-9352646>. Green, Carl R. , and William R. Sanford. Jesse James. Hillside, N. J. , U. S. A. : Enslow Publishers, 1992. Print. Triplett, Frank, Joseph W. Snell, and Jerry Valez. The life, times and treacherous death of Jesse James. Chicago: The Swallow Press, 1970. Print. Stiles, T. J.. Jesse James: last rebel of the Civil War. New York: A. A. Knopf, 2002. Print. Jesse James
Thesis: Jesse James was definitely a rebel of his time. He was an adventurous outlaw who wasn’t scared to give the law a run for their money. Outline: I. Frank and Jesse a. Who they were b. What caused their rebellion acts II. Rebellions c. What caused them d. Who helped them Riley 1 Jesse James was the living and his younger brother, Frank were always partners in crime. The brothers got themselves in trouble on a regular basis. Running from the law was a typical thing for the James brothers. Jesse and Frank James always seemed to take the law into their own hands.
The actual date Jesse James became famous is known to be December 7th, 1869. *DOC* Jesse James was definitely a rebel of his time. He was an adventurous outlaw who wasn’t scared to give the law a run for their money. Jesse killed eight men in a one day once. After the war, he returned to his home and was the leader of one of history’s most notorious outlaw gangs. He was hurt while surrendering at the end of the war, and later said he had been forced into becoming an outlaw because his family had been punished for nothing in the war. The brothers were surprisingly liked all over the US.

People looked at the James brothers as a type of ‘Robin Hood’ taking from the rich and giving to the poor, even though there was no real evidence to prove they did. They started robbing banks and trains, quickly spreading their popularity throughout the nation. The James gang was the most feared outlaw gang in history. There are reports that say the gang was estimated to of stolen around $200,000 from all of the bank robberies. Jesse was a very violent man. If he suspected someone to be an enemy, he would kill them right on the spot.
Jesse was once reported to be getting change for a $100 bill once and shot a man in the heart because he thought the man was responsible for killing Bloody Bill. *DOC*3 Despite their criminal and often violent acts, James and his partners were much adored. Journalists were almost always excited to sell stories people of the East with tales of a wild West, exaggerated and romanticized the gang’s adventures, often making James as a Robin Hood. James did mess Riley 2 with railroad workers who took private land for the railways. The gang was always a hot topic in newspapers everywhere.
People feared Jesse James but at the same time he was known as a respected legendary rebel. James married his cousin in 1847. As feared as they were, the James brothers were both known as loving husbands and a good family man. Jesse and his cousin had two children. Jesse had plenty of money and a loving family yet he still continued his life of crime. Some people say Jesse had a “Love affair with crime” *DOC* band he just couldn’t stop because of the thrill it gave him. James and his famous gang robbed their way across the Western Frontier.
They focused on robbing stagecoaches, banks, trains, and even stores. Out of all of the rebellious things Jesse did, he must have been very good at what he did considering he was never captured while doing them. In 1873 the James gang robbed a train, stealing over $3,000 which is equivalent to over $60,000 today. They tried to throw off people by wearing white masks, pretending they were from the Ku Klux Klan. This robbery made James the most famous of the former Guerillas. To show a symbol of threatening centralization the brothers derailed the Rock Island train in Adair, Iowa.
Of all the train robberies the James Gang was responsible for they never were reported of stealing from the passengers. Even though they were feared outlaws the gang was surprisingly adored. Journalists and writers were always anxious to interview the gang members, especially Jesse James. The gang wasn’t afraid to go out in public and show themselves. Not stealing from the passengers is where the Riley 3 idea of Jesse being a “Robin Hood” because he stole from the train itself, not the innocent people. The downfall of the gang began in September 1876 when they attempted to rob the First National Bank in Minnesota.
After a manhunt and the robbery only Frank and James were left un caught and alive. Many of the gang members had been drinking before the robbery and this is what caused the robbery to fail. Two of the gang members were guarding the doors of the bank and this made the citizens suspicious. The cops were soon called and a manhunt began killing and capturing all but Frank and Jesse. After this tragic event Jesse had to recruit people to help him rob the Platte bank which was his last known robbing. *DOC* The James brothers were mostly involved in their gang for a ten year period from 1866 to 1876. DOC* 1 The James brothers were always moving around, avoiding the law. With his brother Frank James and other ex-Confederates, with Cole Younger and his brothers, the James gang robbed their way across the Western frontier aiming towards banks, trains, stagecoaches, and stores from Iowa to Texas. Escaping and hiding from even the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, the gang got away with thousands of dollars. James is believed to have carried out the first daylight bank robbery stealing over $60,000 from a bank in Liberty, Missouri.
The community always protected them but they were still always on the move. Jesse and Frank planned to do one more robbery alongside Charlie and Bob Ford. Little did the brothers know that the Governor had offered a reward so big that it made the Ford’s turn their backs on the James brothers. Riley 4 On April 3rd, 1882 *DOC* 3 Bob and Jesse were talking a crooked picture on the wall in Jesse’s house. When Jesse turned to straighten the picture Bob shot him in the back of the head, immediately killing Jesse James. The shooting of Jesse caused quite the uproar in Missouri.
The community considered it “a cowardly assassination” and they were “outraged at the method used”. *DOC* 3 Frank James soon turned himself in to the police after the death of his beloved brother and partner in crime. The juries did not convict Frank of any of the crimes he was apart of and so Frank walked as a free man. After the tragic death of Jesse James the Ford brothers were hated by everyone. They were known as cowards and traitors. Frank and James had been friends with the Ford brothers for a long time and it was not expected of Bob to shoot Jesse.
Bob Ford collected the $10,000 reward for the capture of Jesse James after the murder. The Ford brothers were sentenced to hang for the murder, even though there was a reward for the capture of Jesse before they killed him. The governor of Missouri pardoned the Ford brothers and gave them no punishment for the death of Jesse. Some people say the death of Jesse James was all a hoax and Jesse lived many years after his faked death. It was reported Jesse James ended up living to the age of 103, which was very old, especially back in the 1900s.
Ford never admitted to killing James and this left suspicion among the people and Jesse’s loved ones. Many years after the burial of Jesse James the body was tested and it was over 99% likely to be the real Mr. James. The body of the man suspected to be the real Jesse was supposed to be tested at the same time but the bodies were switched and it never did Riley 5 get tested. Even after all of the murders and crimes Jesse James was a part of he died a feared but respected man. He truly was the living definition of a rebellious outlaw!

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