Job Shadowing Project

Job shadowing a great lawyer and family friend, Nancy Vanilla. I have nearly always wanted to be a lawyer, and in all honesty I was a little concerned that after watching a real court hearing, and seeing all the work that lawyers actually have to put into each and every case, I would no longer wish to become a lawyer. However my fears were removed entirely as soon as I walked into her downtown Fort Worth office; the day I had arranged to Job shadow Mrs..
Vanilla, she had a court hearing in Denton, so immediately upon my arrival I as exposed to the last minute stress of getting the clients case in order. I was able to help Mrs.. Vanilla with getting her paper work in order, before going to the court house. This was the first time I had ever sat and watched a court hearing, and I was completely fascinated through the entirety of the hearing. I was able to watch two exceptional lawyers in action, and I could not have more impressed by either performance. At the end of my time with Mrs..
Vanilla I was able to sit with her and ask questions about her profession. During this time Is when I became completely and totally positive that this was the career I wanted to pursue. She was so passionate about what she did, and she explained to me the parts of the Job that most people don’t really take Into consideration. I realized that I wanted to learn about and how to interpret the law, and use It to protect people as it was designed to do. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity given to me through this assignment, and through Mrs.. Vanilla’s willingness to work with me.

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