Kings Speech

Jordan Blume Blume 1 22/09/11 The Kings Speech Review Refurbished History The King’s Speech is a moving film which provides viewers with an auto- biographic view on King George VI’s reign to power. Set in the 1930’s, The King’s Speech accurately conveys a believable setting and experience through the acting and camera work. Every emotion portrayed by the characters can be witnessed and felt first hand.
One can literally feel for the characters and perhaps even relate at some points. Berty’s stubborn and quick tempered personality make it difficult for him to succeed, until he meets Lionel, an elderly man who sees something in Berty, the potential for greatness. Lionel stands by Berty; helping and pushing him outside his comfort zone, trying to eliminate or at least control his speech impediment. The title of King George VI is Berty’s and with Lionel’s help, the two work to overcome the odds and live up to the standards that are king.
The Kings Speech is deserving of all the awards it received because it is a great movie. The historical content is accurately portrayed through flawless acting, sensual music, and lessons that anyone can learn from and appreciate. The visual and emotional experience overwhelms viewers making this an enjoyable and award deserving movie. Blume 2 After watching The Kings Speech, one could say that it had an unexpected appeal to it; not something that you would normally like, but did for some reason.

Its easily seen the time and energy that was put into the movie, as the scenes all flowed nicely, the music matched what was happening, and the emotions were felt beyond the screen. Even the camera work is well done and edited in a way which strengthens the overall finished product. “This is art, not just cinema. He doesn’t frame everyone in the middle or even just to one side or another, he uses the colors, the atmosphere, the sets, every detail on the walls and everything around them to bring the entire frame, and subsequently the entire film, to life with a stunning elegance. [Alex Billington] Tom Hooper, the director, was nominated for Best Director, and won rightfully so. He adequately transformed history into a present day master piece, while still accurately displaying past events truthfully and with great detail. Drama films tend to drag on, not keeping the attention of most for very long, this is not the case with The Kings Speech. The character Lionel, although not the main character, kept the movie going at a good pace with his witty humour, always sarcastic tone, and comforting personality.
Berty’s character, on the other hand, rectified the same feelings only in a different manner. Berty is a negative character, while Lionel is more positive, and viewers can without doubt feel the struggle the future king has to go through. Anxiety, pressure, doubt, and giving up are all aspects which can be felt outside the screen. A good film is able to make the audience think and feel alongside the characters on the screen. The Kings Speech definitely does this through great acting, directing, and the obvious time and energy spent creating this masterpiece.
Blume 3 The title that is King, is passed down from generation to generation, granted that its kept in the family. This is what happened in The Kings Speech, which is based off true events. Colin Firth plays the king, and all throughout the duration of the film we see him partaking in what seems to be a life or death struggle, with his stammer. He was born into a royal family, which didn’t help the situation at all, and thus is expected to fulfill his duty with speeches and public matters. “The highest of distinctions, is service to others. [King George VI] One will notice that after it is official Berty is to become king, the characters struggle seems to take an immense downward spiral, until meeting his speech therapist and future friend; Lionel. The kings stammer seems to have rooted from past events, which haunt him to the present day. This could perhaps hold true, as Berty becomes disoriented and defensive when being pushed outside his comfort zone. Nevertheless, Lionel does just this, allowing Berty to do things he never thought possible. Berty and Lionel share a unique bond; that which is different yet more recognizable, from the other characters in The Kings Speech.
They meet early on, when characters are still being introduced, thanks to Berty’s wife; Elizabeth, who sought out help for her troubled husband. An unlicensed speech therapist, being Lionel, decides to take on the King’s problem after meeting with him. The two clash heads initially until things start to take a turn for the better. Berty has an impulse which tells him he cant do things, whilst Lionel is that voice that is pushing him and telling him that he can in fact overcome his mental block. “-who’s unconventional techniques helped the second in line Blume 4 o the British throne gain his ’voice‘. ” [Gloria Goodale] Berty seems to think that he is unable to beat his flaw, damaging his ego more every time he fails. Prior to Lionel, his therapists seemed to only target the direct problem without going deeper to find out why the problem exists in the first place. In order to dig deeper, Lionel pushes Berty outside of his comfort zone which he carefully built up over the years, allowing Lionel deeper entry into the problems core. It takes a strong mind to deal with mental and psychological issues, and an even stronger mind to overcome those burdens.
Berty, or rightfully; King George VI, beat the odds and overcame his underdog status by allowing his problem to be explored and treated by the right person. The Kings Speech is not only a movie, its an enjoyable experience for the eyes, ears, and mind. Through stunning and artistic camera work, to superfluous directing, this film is more then worthy of the awards it received; including best picture, best director, best actor and best original screenplay. Emotions can be felt outside the screen and within the viewers as they witness the cinematic masterpiece that is The Kings Speech.
The director, screenplay writer, editors, and actors all deserve the awards they received for their marvellous and exorbitant performances. After taking into account all that has been noted, one must make the decision themselves; but over all, it cannot be argued that the Kings Speech is a movie that will go down in history. Works Cited Blume 5 Billington, Alex. Toronto Review: Tom Hooper’s Exceptional ‘The King’s Speech’. September 20. 2010. 20/09/2011 Brit Royals. Royal Family History. (King George VI) 20/09/2011 Goodale, Gloria. The Real Story Behind ‘The Kings Speech’. The Christian Science Monitor. February 16. 2011 19/09/2011

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