Language as a Highway

There are about five thousand languages throughout the world now, and that doesn’t even include the hand languages. As a matter of fact, Languages are the most powerful inventions ever. Languages are important highways that allow people to communicate within the world of different nations and cultures. Without language we wouldn’t be able to communicate with one another and spread ideas. Languages are highways that connect the past and the present.
Without language there would be no way that we would ever have known what happened in the past. “Language is a highway linking all peoples and all ages. Mama was wrong to use language as a wall. ” Sometimes language can be a wall that breaks the connection between the people. In contract, Many foreign use their lack of language skills as an excuse to wrap themselves up, refusing to communicate with other people. There are positive and negative sides in language, and it depends on how well you using it.
It’s really important and useful for people to use language as a highway. Undoubtedly, language is the foundation of communication, and communicating is an inseparable part of our lives. We always share our feelings and emotions through the highway of language. Can you imagine if no one in the entire world understands you, you could only talk to yourself, and all you could hear was your own voice? In addition to expressing emotions, it’s also requisite for our everyday study.

We wouldn’t be able to express our ideas and thoughts without language, and we wouldn’t be able to learn. We should all use it as a convenient highway instead of a wall. There is a saying, “High thoughts must have high language. ” In fact, I’m totally agreed with that. No matter how intelligent you are, without the language you wouldn’t be able to express any of your ideas. Furthermore, language is a window to our heart which could send our feelings out. Let the language be a highway for you, instead of a wall.

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