Leadership Role

Leadership Role
“Leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls people to ward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment (“What are leaderships? http://home.att.net/~coachthee/Archives/leadership.html )”.

 “Leaders are born, not made, once a leader, Is always a leader (“Leaderships: What is it? http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffile)”.
Leadership is applicable to all facets of your life: competencies that you can learn to expand your perspective, set the context of a goal, understands the dynamics of human behavior and take the initiative to get to where you want to be
A leader is the possession of the inborn characteristics desirable in leader plus the learned skills, knowledge and techniques which bring this potential to realization.
One of the most important daily tasks of a leader is to develop leaders. Leader development for many is a challenge. It requires you to trust others. It requires you to allow others to perhaps fail in order to learn.
This Paper will deal about the real experience encountered by an individual and proved to himself that he is a significant leader to his family and to all the people in his community. Here is a short story telling us how he becomes a good leader in his own way.
Being a leader is a gift from God, not all of us in this world has a talent to become a leader. And this man who migrated from Peru to United States with his family proved that he is a significant leader. In United States, he is the first to learned English and is adjusted into American life quickly; he served as tutor to his parents to adjust the environment. He becomes the official translator in their household. Even helping his mother to read foods and medicines labels. He is the one find initiative in convincing the landlord to help his father to fill out their residency applications. At the early age his parents are totally dependent on him and it helps him how to become a mature minded person.
In United States, he witnesses the sacrifices of his parents adjusting themselves for a new life just to provide him better future. They struggled hard working 20 hours a day to meet their dreams in America. Being a good leader, seeing the sacrifices of his parents he study hard and become an excellent student.
Throughout the years, hi is a model to his little sisters, and members of his extended family who admire him for all of his accomplishments. He is also very fortunate to travel many places which make him learn and speak different languages like: Japanese, French, German, English and Spanish. During his High School days he becomes a member of the Rotary International Scholar who sent him to Japan.
This leader was also the first in the family who graduated from an American University, which makes him so special for all the members in the family. And based on his qualifications he is hired and have good jobs with powerful corporations and government entities.
Based on his accomplishments, his family admires him so much and looks him as a role model and a significant leader in the family, and they are the one who help me push himself to be successful in his chosen career, and in return push them to follow his footsteps by leading all of them to their way to success.
He believed that his family was depending on him, because he knows that being an immigrant to a new place they can’t rely to no one else. And he knows that being a leader to his family and members of his extended family is the most significant role that God has putting on his shoulder. And he also knows that without his family he can’t be what he is now at this time.
Generally, in order to become a good leader is to become a good follower and to empower others, you have to trust and be willing to take a risk. You have to get to know your employees and find what makes them tick.
Leadership is not just for people at the top.  Everyone can learn to lead by discovering the power that lies within each one of us to make a difference and practicing the law of reciprocity. And leadership is applicable to all facets of your life and competencies that you can learn to expand your perspective, to set the context of a goal, and to understand the dynamics of human behavior, and take the initiative to get to where you want to be
Success lies in being who we are and in the choices we are willing to make for ourselves, not in the fear of what you should do or be.  Fear is the only thing that holds people back from achieving personal success. And the goal of our leadership  is to help people pay attention to their intentions and get to where they want to be.
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Leadership Role
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