Letter of Insanitation

Dear Manager, I came into your restaurant for lunch on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at approximately 12:30 p. m. Being that your store location is closest to my home and to my work; I dine at your location very frequently with my co-workers and family. This past Saturday, I realized something that I should have always been observant of; however, I made the assumption that it was something that I didn’t need to be concerned about because of the common sense around the issue. I noticed that the man who was making my sandwich was not wearing gloves or a hair net.
I realize that most men have short enough hair so that it is not a major issue; however, this gentleman had hair longer than shoulder length. I understand that I came in during the lunch-time hour and that the store was busy, however, these things are not negotiable because of the risks associated with not wearing a hair net or gloves. While I stood at the counter watching my sandwich being prepared, three employees on the assembly line sneezed within a two minute increment and two of those used their hands to cover their mouths/noses while sneezing.
Neither of the two employees left their station to go wash their hands and to clean themselves. They remained working and continued on with making my sandwich, along with the others who were waiting in line. It was not just me who realized what just happened, the man next to me and I both made eye-contact and mumbled a few words to each other regarding the incident. I am sure, that a person in your position knows the magnitude of viruses and diseases that can easily be spread by unwashed hands.

Your employees can spread certain germs/microbes like viruses and bacteria by contaminating the objects or surfaces that they are touching. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) instructs that hands be washed before making food AND putting on gloves to make food. The FDA also advices that hands be washed after coughing, sneezing and touching your body, however, in the case of your store, this was not taken seriously. I was extremely concerned when watching my food being prepared by your employees and the problem could be solved so simply.
I received my sandwich and after watching what I saw, I didn’t even eat the food I purchased because I was not willing to take the risk in getting sick because of poor practices on behalf of your employees and stores location. I have a couple recommendations as to how to fix this problem and any future problems in the future at your location with your employees: 1. ) Take an extra 30-45 seconds and thoroughly wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. 2.)
Advise all working personnel that they are required to wear a hair net if their hair is longer than a certain length. Please remind your staff/employees to take the safety of your customers seriously, especially when it involves personal hygiene. I am sure that even the busiest person on the planet would gladly wait an additional 30-45 seconds so that you can wash your hands and so they do not get an illness and become sick. I hope that this problem gets solved because I do enjoy coming into your stores location for lunch/dinner! Sincerely,

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