Life, Meaning, and Vocation

I have submitted this paper once and receive a grade of 85. I need this paper to be graded to  a 100 so that I can maintain my grade of A for the class. I have listed below the books and reference materials along with the professor comments.

Professor Comments:
“You do a great job of incorporating your previous reflection into a very specific discussion of your Waldorf experience.  Reflection on course readings would strengthen an already impressive paper.  The way you take this reflection into your wider career and goals moving forward is very effective.  Wonderful!”

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Life, Meaning, and Vocation
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Course Reading:

Leading Lives that Matter: What We Should Do and Who We Should Be
 “Must My Job Be the Primary Source of My Identity”, p. 181-187
 “Just Work”, pp. 188-191
 “Why Work”, pp. 191-195
 “The Door in the Wall”, pp. 201-215
 “The Sabbath”, pp. 216-221
 “Friendship and Vocation”, pp. 229-243
Reference Materials:

Kushner, H. (2002). When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough: The 
                  search for a life that matters. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

Schwehn, M. R., & Bass, D. C. (Eds.). (2006). Leading lives that matter: 
               What we should do and who we should be. Grand Rapids, MI:  

A Bible: Seek a modern translation from the original languages as 
                  opposed to a translation of a translation.


Unit VII Reflection Paper
Reflective Writing Assignment 4: “Vocational Comparison?”

In this paper, you will compare and contrast the vocation paper you wrote in Unit V with the thoughts and feelings you had at the beginning of your enrollment to this college. Examine your beliefs when you started your program at this college. Have your interests, passions, talents, and abilities changed over time? How has your understanding of vocation and of your place in the world changed? Do you hear different calls now than you did when you first started your journey of higher education?

Your paper should be 500 words and double spaced.

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