Life unworthy of life: phobia and Mass murder in hitlers’ Germany

James M. Glass was known for his expertise in politics and psychology of illusion. Glass’ interests include political theory, philosophy, and political psychology. His current researches also include about the study of the psychological preconditions for engagement with civil society.

This is the reason why he was able to come up with a written narrative regarding the historical background on the Nazi regime. As a result, the historical account that has been written by the particular author is a fine display of the history of the people of the time of Hitler.

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Life unworthy of life: phobia and Mass murder in hitlers’ Germany
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About the Book
In Hitler’s regime, it could be seen and imagined how hard the individual Jews struggled for their survival. If the situation would be compared to the present society today, it could be observed that the present society is already lucky it is  not experiencing what the Jews have  undergone during the those times.
During the time of the German Nazi era, the rules and the code of the government were not merely implemented in good ways. The abusiveness of the power is a mere factor why so many Jewish people suffered the pains and agonies brought about by the regime.
They were a part of a community that has freedom and will  to do whatever they wanted to do, but during that time racial discrimination made a big impact and easily affected the German Jews. Glass’ report on the said important account of the situation has mainly pointed out several important factors that contributed to the succession of the history towards the Nazi regime.
In the time of Hitler’s Dynasty, some of the government officials do not know what the importance of life was. Killing for them is very easy and vigorous, and they did not consider it as a crime. However, today, the situation that happened before has mainly affected the views of the present society regarding their respect of life.
This touching history enlightens the people on how they will respect each other in different ways all over the world. It is a challenge to the people to always remember how the Jews faced the bitterness of political adversary, political error and abusiveness of power by the leader of the nation

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