Management and Harbin Engineering University

Question1 – Please give a brief summary of your current recreational and leisure activities, including sports and hobbies. * •I am a grade eight pianist and play a number of other musical instruments including guitar and drums. I used to be a member of a band for two years and participated in a number of performances. I successfully organized two Christmas parties for the department when I was in Harbin Engineering University. •I enjoy playing basketball, swimming, playing pool as the methods of relaxation.
Question2 – What clubs and societies are you a member of and in what capacity? * I worked as a team member of the event management section belonging to the student union of University of Strathclyde. “Battle of Bands” is one of the event I worked for with five team members to deal with the Finance and Marketing parts. Set up the budget and successfully generated funding from companies. Question3 – What factors have influenced your career choice? I am an enthusiastic team player and appreciate the value of working well with others. I have a natural affinity towards problem solving and enjoy reading and researching developments in the financial industry. During my spare time, I found myself reading and researching stock market data and investing in a portfolio of my own. I was frequently asked to completing tasks at short notice, which required me to have great organizing skill and work well under pressure.
My general interest and passion for the industry is one of my principal reasons for pursuing a degree in Finance. Question4 – Outline your career ambitions and objectives. * My short-term objective is to work in a fast growing company which can provide me with great opportunities to add value to the company by using my education and variety of experiences and eventually increase its bottom line.

My long-term objective is to become a qualified professional and a considerable manager or leader of the company. On the other hand, I will attain the professional qualifications such as CFA, ACCA, etc. Question5 – At KPMG our global values guide the way that we interact with each other and help to create our open, friendly and supportive culture. Please tell us about a situation where you have used two of KPMG’s values to achieve a positive outcome. *

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Management and Harbin Engineering University
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