Management Genius Peter F. Drucker

Management Genius: Peter F. Drucker By Md. Faruk Hossain (Faruk) Dear reader, there are many kinds of writings, many kinds of posts, that depict different kinds of tips, suggestions, etc. But I will try here to post something different, because there are really something differences to write. Actually sometimes there exist lots of geniuses in our invisibility, but we don’t know well about them though we did hear a little or knew the names of them. Today I will write about one of the best Management Genii of all time, who is Peter F. Drucker!
It might keep you all in a feeling that I am trying to make you all to read management books, but Good News is that, it is not. It will be tried here to make you know because we really should know about Drucker! And if you don’t believe that, then the proof will undoubtly knock you at the end of reading this post. Anyway, is this the time to start now? Well we can move on! I am not actually writing Drucker’s born city, time, parents name, etc. I just would like to write why he is important for us, especially for business background students, because that should create more appeal.
Drucker is actually much popular for his renowned book “The Practice of Management” (1954), though the world first looked at him through his “The End of Economic Man” (1939) book. The Practice of Management created some different expressions because he really put some different things there. This is a lively and forceful book. It proclaims that the manager is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. It emphasizes the fact that management is Performance, it is Practice. In 1943 General Motors (GM) Corporation invited him to study its top management policies and organization structure.

The result of this study was his book, Concept of the Corporation (1946), which turned out to be a landmark in management studies. The real subject matter of this book is social and political problems of industrial society. Drucker’s achievements are due to his extraordinary self-discipline. His time management is superb. His energy is boundless. He has the genius to concentrate and he unflinchingly adheres to his ideals and objectives. In a sense he has been practicing management by objectives (MBO) and self-control throughout his life. He is no doubt endowed with unusual gifts, which he has cultivated to great advantage.
He is also a great accomplished time manager. He works in three capacities, as consultant, professor and author. He has reserve about 100 days for consultancy and speaking work. He has no office staff! Isn? t it amazing? It is remarkable how he handles all his work by himself. He is ruthless as far as time wasters are concerned. He responds to most of his mail. Drucker takes his work seriously and expects others to do likewise. Once when he found that one of his clients, a very big fir, had not done their homework properly, he walked out of the meeting! Drucker is immensely interested in teaching and teachers. Teacher Watching? has been his major hobby over a number of years. He also worked as consultant for scores of firms throughout the world and „consulting is my laboratory? , he says. This is the source of his astonishing knowledge of the working of organizations, their technologies, their methods of management and their markets. He reads very little about management itself. He has developed his own approach to consultancy work. Now this is the time to ask question about “Why Study Drucker? ” One great thing is, He raises simple questions which have profound practical implications.
For instance, he once asked the chairman of a well-known firm manufacturing glass bottles, „What us your business?? The chairman was surprised at this elementary question. He said, „We are obviously in the business of manufacturing glass bottles.? Drucker said, „No, this is not correct. You are in the packaging business.? The reason being that glass can be replaced by plastic, tin or cardboard, but the basic purpose is packaging. These few words of Drucker made all the difference as the firm turned over to other types of packaging and benefited greatly by it.
Drucker has developed the art of raising such practical questions and providing practical guidelines for their solution. His suggestions are not ad hoc solutions based on guess work. They are based on wise experience, rigorous analysis, penetrating insight and unerring sense of practicability. To understand Drucker is to know the essentials of management. For this reason, F. C. Dyer once said about Drucker, “Whenever I pick up the writings of Drucker, I feel that I am in the presence of genius. ” This is all about today? s writing.
If it could make the readers happier and with useful, then again Drucker might come back here along with his lots of indispensable works, or with the similar post. At the End, we can finish our reading by simply brainstorming and looking at “What we can learn from Drucker? ”: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Self-Discipline Strong Time Management Asking simple question to get flawless ourselves Self-Confident Accustomed to working alone with self-reliance Serious with work, what is relied upon Thinking more Thank you all and it is really grateful for showing your perseverance to read the whole article. Md. Faruk Hossain [email protected] com ———————-

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Management Genius Peter F. Drucker
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