Management Information System and Innovation A2

You are supposed to be someone knowledgeable in Business Intelligence and the processes required to make decision. As a consultant, you are required to: produce a proposal to the company director about Business Intelligence system and its applications that are available in the market.Explain how the system able to help managers making a better decision. describe the system architecture (with some diagram) of the Business Intelligence system and explain how the system will work when implemented. deliberate on the benefits and the challenges that the company (management, organization and technology) have to be prepared to adopt the Business Intelligence system. describe about the major changes that the company (management, organization and technology) have to work on to ensure the Business Intelligence system work well with the organization.  These aspects are not exhaustive. You may add other factors to be considered by the company.Use your managerial insights and creative ideas to produce a convincing proposal that is practical and feasible to the company director. Your report should be comprehensive and cover all areas outlined above.

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