Martin Luther King Jr.: Speech Forum

Kacee Bailey Public speaking 10/06/10 Martin Luther King Forum 1. What oratorical devices does Dr. King use to add vitality and force to his speech? 2. Do you think that Dr. King’s dream has become a reality? Why or why not? 3. What changes could you make in your life to help Dr.
King’s dream become a reality at SWHS? 1. He pause a lot and he repeats himself. The way he talks is also very enticing it makes you want to pay attention. 2. Yes, We are a lot less segregated and there are many minority’s in schools and there is no more separation for schools and public places. So I feel that Dr.Kings dreams ave very much come true.
although in some states there is still racism. 3. I think that even though there is less segregation and less racism. People still look down to others. So a change we could make is if we see discrimination for race at SWHS we could approach the situation and try to figure things out with the two people. But you don’t wanna make the situation worse so make sure that actually whats going on before you get in the middle. Ambrias Answers: 1.

Dr. King forces his point by uses different points of inflection and volume in his voice when he speaks.There are points when he speaks louder than other points and where he emphasizes more on specific points. Also, he uses specific hand gestures at times when he wants to make a point very specific. 2. I think think that Dr. King’s dream has opened up more because of the fact that this county is becoming more tolerant and accepting of others as the years go by.
Has his dream been fully fulfilled? I don’t think it has yet because there are still many people, especially in the southern states, who are very discriminatory against others.What he is dreaming is the fact that every will view each other as equal and stop the discrimination and until it fully stops the dream hasn’t fully been fulfilled. 3. The changes I could make are that I could be more accepting of people with different view points as me. Also, I could go out of my way to be nicer to people everyday and try to make new friends no matter what others think of them or me. My Responses: 1. A agree with you.
He uses a lot of volume and inflection. I also like ho you included his hand gestures. 2. I agree with you on this. Although I don’t like how you said people are being tolerable.I think its more than just tolerating. But I do agree that it hasn’t been completely fulfilled yet.
3. I like your views on this issue and I hope everything works ^_^ Chantalls Answers: 2. Yes, his dream has become reality. Even though there is still discrimination all around the world it has definitely died down. There is no more discrimination in schools or public places. In general people have a much more opened mindset towards other cultures, races, religions and so on. 3.
One of the few things I can do to stop discrimination at SWHS is to not tolerate it.Laughing or agreeing with a racist joke that someone has said only allows to think that its alright to say such things. By not tolerating it eventually teaches people that some things should be kept un-said. My responses: 1. I don’t agree with you on number 2 because I think there is still a lot of racism in schools. But I do agree with you that there is less discrimination in public places. And the island does a good job at not being racist.
2. I agree with you completely. If people would stop laughing it wouldn’t want to make other keep doing it. I love your answer I think everyone needs to fallow this exmple

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