Assignment 1: Exploration Activity: ThAssignment 1: Exploration Activity: The Change in Society
You may have heard the saying, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Paying attention to the change all around you can help you to better understand your world. For this week’s Exploration Problem, you will use estimation techniques to identify how a topic of your interest has changed and is changing over time.
To prepare for this Assignment:

Read the required reading from this week’s Learning Resources.
Choose a topic of interest where you can see a change.
Review almanacs, newspapers, magazines, or search on the Internet to find two graphs from the topic of interest you have chosen that show data changing from year to year that you find interesting.
Choose mathematical models in the form of graphs: In one graph, the data values should be increasing relatively steadily. In the second graph, the data values should be decreasing relatively steadily.

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By Day 6
Assignment (1–2 pages including the images):

Create a 1- to 2-paragraph summary including the following:

An explanation of the topic you chose and the data that has changed from year to year that you find interesting
A description of the mathematical models, in the form of graphs, used to demonstrate how the data has changed
A justification of why you think things are changing
An explanation of how you think this change might affect you in the near or distant future
A prediction about what might occur in the future
An identification and presentation of any circumstances that might affect the accuracy of the prediction

Include the images of your graphs. You may insert the image into a Microsoft Word document. Make sure one is showing an increase and one is showing a decrease.
Cite the resources from where the graphs came from.

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