MATH 156 Week 1 DQs

This archive file of MATH 156 Week 1 Discussion Questions consists of:DQ 1: Post your response to the following: What are three ways in which you can communicate mathematically? Which method do you prefer for an online environment and why? How do multiple representations help facilitate mathematical understanding?Respond to your classmates by identifying additional ways that you find effective for communicating mathematically. Identify any common themes in the way your class learns.DQ 2: Post your response to the following: Everyone approaches problem solving a little differently. What steps do you take to solve problems? For each step, what strategies do you find most helpful? What strategies do you find least helpful? Why?Participate in the discussion by noticing similarities and differences between your classmates and yourself. If you were to work together to solve a problem, what strengths would each of you have in order to solve the problem? What weaknesses or obstacles might you encounter?

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