Medical Linguistics and Anatomy

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You are invited to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, your friend’s father complains of “heartburn,” saying his left arm is tingling and he feels short of breath. You are pretty sure he’s having a heart attack and recommend he call 911. He says, “No, it will go away in a minute. I just ate too much.”

Do you override his wishes and call 911 anyway?

What do you do?

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I would override his wishes and call 911. All of his symptoms are signs of a heart attack. If he only had heartburn I wouldn’t worry but because he has heartburn along with a tingling in his arm and shortness of breath I would believe it was a heart attack. A heart attack is serious and the time he has to get to the hospital could be life or death. I will say I was with my mother when she had a heart attack and she never felt pain or discomfort in her arm. She felt nauseous and fatigue at first then, she started to feel pressure in her chest. She said it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack may differ from person to person. When one symptom of a heart attack is followed by others then it’s best to assume it’s a heart attack and seek medical attention to be safe. In this case, I can only assume the guy may be mad at first that I didn’t respect his wishes but I suspect he would thank me later.

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