MGT 431 Week 2 Team Assignment Staffing Plan Paper

In this work of MGT 431 Week 2 Team Assignment Staffing Plan Paper you will find the next information:Learner Team Assignment: Staffing Plan PaperPrepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you develop a staffing plan for the organization in which you work, or one with which you arc familiar. Determine how many people you need to hire and in what functional areas, such as manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing, and accounting. Develop strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants. Include a discussion of how the strategy is legally compliant. Use the reading assignments, interviews with your HR representatives or staff persons, Web site articles. Electronic Reserve Readings, and HR journal articles to support your position. Use at least two text references. Format your report according to APA standards.

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